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  • Dave Winter 19 Jul 2017 10:50pm () in Free 3D design CAD software opinions and recommendations?

    Hi Carol and Dave.  Tinkercad is a capable 3d design package that suits younger students and those new to 3d design. Because it is online it has the benefit of being able to be used on chromebooks. Like much online software students younger than 13 need to have approval code from you as a teacher . They are not entitled to create their own accounts without this and/or parent approval and moderation. I agree with Dave K that this is easy to learn and able to bring success to a large number of students without them getting lost in complexity. Also agree that 2 GB of Ram will limit performance of Tinkercad.

    Autodesk are a fabulous supporter of education and if you sign up as an one you can get access to a large catalogue of products from 3d design to animation https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all . Fusion 360 is a great product that offers powerful capability. It will not however run on a chromebook as while described as online needs a software download as well as  hardware requirements. With Fusion 3d we can create full designs eg https://academy.autodesk.com/course/119049/product-design-prosthetic-design. This software is more complicated and powerful. It will be challenging for alot of students even high school ones. Fusion requires students to be over  13 for this I believe.

    Onshape is my favorite and is equivalent to Fusion 360

    It runs completely in the browser so works on chromebooks. Learners can collaborate in an onshape design like they can in google docs. There is a commenting feature and many other sophisticated functions. Onshape has steepish learning curve that is helped by the tutorials and videos. Again 13 plus.

    If your looking to get things printed  through someone I would suggest 3dhubs . You will find reasonable priced services there. Hope this helps. 

    It is an exciting and motivating space for learners and learning.


  • Dave Winter 30 Oct 2014 10:35pm () in Multiple users on on Chroombooks

    Some good advice there Katarina. The chromebooks will hold upto 16 profiles which means that it is easy for the different students to login. They will only need their password once they have established their account. You can tidy up the profiles later by removing them from the startup screen if you need to.

  • Dave Winter 31 Aug 2014 4:15pm () in Chance to be ConnectED 17th September

    ConnectED's Last Open Meeting  of 2014
    September 17th 4.30 - 6.30

    Whitiora School's new learning space
    refreshments provided for all of  Hamilton connected educators.
    Would love your support as a lead in to the 19th Meeting
    An exciting style of meeting encouraging choice
    variety and an opportunity to find out about what others are doing and trying.

    Eventbrite - CONNECT 3 - Open Meeting 

  • Dave Winter 26 Aug 2014 1:49pm () in Chromebook Management and Meraki

    Hi Robyn 

    What you might use the Meraki for is to manage the wireless access for the chromebooks but not as far as I am aware the applications on the chromebook. You can use Meraki's MDM as part of the app deployment and managent on Ipads and Android tablets. 

    Just about all of the chromebook management can be done through the Google Apps for Education admin panel.

    In order to achieve this you need to purchase a management lisence from Google. This cost about $45 nz per device.


    Hope that helps

  • Dave Winter 26 Aug 2014 1:04pm () in chromebook issues -eeek

    Hi there Kararaina 

    This is a bit of a work around but works for me.  You can get a chrome app called twited wave. It is really designed for audio editing but will play the aif files. It should be found here. 

    1.  install twisted wave
    2. download aiff
    3. choose open with twistedwave
    4. hit play


    As said this is a work around but it works.

  • Dave Winter 05 Aug 2014 11:03am () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Hi Carol. ARM based refers to a type of processor. Macs, Windows pcs and many chromebooks are powered by Intel processors. ARM processors have been used in a number of tablets and mobile devices. They have certain power characteristics and a way of processing instructions that is slightly different. Arm based processors have historically been cheaper than intel ones. The chromebook that samsung introduced with the ARM chip was at the time revolutionary in terms of bringing the cost of a chromebook down to the sub $500 pricepoint. The first samsungs were not ARM based. They have just released a second version. Other manufacturers have produced ARM based chromebooks now also HP and Acer for example.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dave Winter 30 Jul 2014 11:10pm () in App for dictation and / or to read text back to students

    There is an extension that is good for that. Quite a natural voice and once enabled just highlight the text and right click to have it read to you.

    Chrome Speak

    Chrome Speak (App Version), select the text and right-click to speak with offline tts engine,Permissions Visit website

    ID: diagnfimeecdcecjpnkjgbnlelkclcpj
    Inspect views: background.html
  • Dave Winter 09 Jun 2014 8:11pm () in Creating Videos on Chromebook

    Just came here to add a discussion about movenote and came acros this thread. Leigh Simon and Angela have come up with good ideas. I feel Wevideo has improved, stabilised  and is the most fully featured. Includes green screen etc.

    Here is a teacher who uses chromebooks talking about it. My personal favorite is Wevideo which is the best Chrome friendly video editor I have come across.

  • Dave Winter 09 Jun 2014 8:04pm () in managing research

    One other way I suggest you might use is ask that the student copy the resources they use and include these at the end of their documents / presentations this may encourage them to alter the content and take ownership. I like Jan Marie's advice where what is required will never be an excact match to information on the internet. Say what would Martin Luther King do if he lived today fro example rather than write about Martin Luther King.

  • Dave Winter 28 May 2014 7:52pm () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Hi all 

    Many of the chromebooks have standard vga and hdmi ports to connect directly to projectors and TVs.

    The Acer c7 and c720 have hdmi no vga

    Samsung arm based ones - have hdmi no vga

    Lenovo has both hdmi and vga

    In terms of chromecast this is great little device but I have been unable to get it working in our school environment.

    There are some challenges in the way it uses wifi in  a corporate environement. This will be one of the things I try to find out about ona trip to ISTE late next month.