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  • annerotorua 04 May 2016 10:10pm () in Ideas for engaging parents through blogs

    Looking for ideas - how are teachers using class blogs to connect with and engage parents in classroom learning. Would appreciate you adding your ideas to a shared presentation, via this link, https://goo.gl/w91wlH, if you have time. Thanks.

  • annerotorua 19 Jan 2015 10:10pm () in Google Docs for Teacher Appraisal/Registered Teacher Criteria - Inquiry

    Our teachers all have a blog to demonstrate their evidence for Registered Teacher Criteria. We set them up at the start of 2014 and use Blogger. The thing we like about using blogs is that each teacher adds labels for each posting  - useful because often the evidence included in the posting is often relevant for more than one of the Registered Teacher Criteria. A specific label can then be selected in order to view all the postings containing evidence for that criteria. 

    Teachers have also set up extra pages in their blogs - one of these is for them to keep a record of their Professional Development and another page outlines what they have done for Teaching as Inquiry.

    We made sure that the teacher set up the blog under their personal google login - so that they retain ownership of it (ie we didn't set them up under the school Google Apps for Education account). It is important to check the settings re privacy on Blogger - most teachers at our school have added their appraiser as an author and under permissions have the blog readers setting as private to blog authors.

    It was relatively easy for us to set up blogs as teachers all have a class blog so were familiar with the layout and how to make postings.

  • annerotorua 04 Dec 2014 7:23am () in Chromebook vs Ipads

    Thanks to all those contributing to the discussions. There are probably many like me  - watching the posts and learning heaps from them. Really appreciate and value the posts from our regular contributors - thank you in particular Hamish and Allanah for helping us to be ongoing learners.

  • annerotorua 26 Jun 2014 11:53am () in share cross classrooms or not?

    Chromebooks work very well sharing across classes - we get the students to browse as a guest but you also have the option to add users if you want to.

    We did start off with a trial class which I think was a good idea. They had the Chromebooks all the time. Now we store the school owned Chromebooks in a COW and move them between four classrooms - we try to keep them as a group of 15 that a class can book rather than split them up on a so many per room basis.

    Hapara Teacher Dashboard is great  - wouldn't want to be using GAFE with classes without it!

    Hope this helps.

  • annerotorua 22 Jun 2014 9:09pm () in Chromebooks for Yr 1-3 Versus Ipads for Yr1-3

    We are using Chromebooks and GAFE with Y3/4 and the Year 3's are doing very well now  -we did have a bit of a login hurdle initially for those not on their own Chromebook. The reason we have the Year 3's on is because all our classes are Year 3 and 4. Personally, I think you would get more value out of Ipads with the younger students. We really like Chromebooks and there is still a place for the Ipads (which we have in every classroom). However, we won't be introducing Chromebooks to our Junior School. 

  • annerotorua 03 Jun 2014 9:42pm () in Chromebooks

    Think it is really a matter of personal preference. Really a matter of looking at price and how much extra you are prepared to pay for bigger screen. We ( students and teachers) all like the Samsungs but that is also what we have got used to. I did find I could read the Samsung and HP screens without my glasses but needed to wear glasses with Acer model. 

  • annerotorua 03 Jun 2014 8:28pm () in Chromebooks

    We have 2 HP's, 15 Samsungs and have trialled Acer as well. For BYO Chromebook we are offering parents a range of options.

  • annerotorua 26 May 2014 9:18pm () in Chromebooks

    Suggest you get some demo models and try them. We have Samsungs and are really pleased with them. Something I hadn't considered before the Google Apps for Education North Island Summit is the end of life policy. See http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/eol.html. We are a school with Ncomputing systems, Ipads, Macbooks and Chromebooks - the Chromebooks are just fantastic if you have students on Google Apps for Education account - highly recommend Hapara Teacher Dashboard as well.

  • annerotorua 15 Apr 2014 10:42pm () in Chrome book internet access

    We have had some issues since last Thursday when N4Learning was "down" for our school. Will follow up with N4Learning tomorrow as only realised late this afternoon that a number of people are having the same issues at our school.

  • annerotorua 13 Apr 2014 9:23pm () in Which devices are best fro GAFE

    We are using a range of devices - the easiest one for student login is the Chromebook ( we are using Samusng Chromebooks) but Macbooks and NComputing system also work well. Have had issues with using the Ipads - we are still early days but on Ipads we can't create or edit Google Presentations and Google Draw, some ebooks and some websites we linked to wouldn't work properly. Most frustrating thing also is with multiple users it is an involved process logging out of Google Apps on the Ipad. With a range of devices available to the students it is interesting that everyone's first choice seems to be the Chromebook.