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  • Innes Kennard 18 Jul 2017 6:20pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Opps  Email:   macash@mac.com

    He is currently Principal of Western Heights School in Henderson

  • Innes Kennard 18 Jul 2017 6:19pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Hi Carol

    You might like to contact Ash Maindonald about technical requirements. He has been organising iPad bands for quite some years - they were just amazing.


  • Innes Kennard 23 Mar 2017 12:31pm () in Lightspeed

    I don't want to muddy the waters though assume that those following this thread (in the past month!) are interested in or using MDMs to manage iPads. It was great to see Rachel's reflection of Lightspeed vs Meraki

    An emerging one seems to be http://manager.mosyle.com

    It seems to tick the boxes and is to a certain level, free (sometimes free costs?) Anyone any experience?

    Now is a good time to research with three terms to prepare for major changes

    Innes Kennard

    Digital Coach


  • Innes Kennard 17 Sep 2016 9:08am () in ios10


    Hi Sasha

    If my attempt to highlight the impact of words such as obsolete and budget 'risk' was felt to be a sarcastic put down I apologise, it was not meant to be. I certainly hope it does not dissuade you from using this forum to air questions, thoughts and views. I guess I was trying to emphasise the fact that many of our schools have significant numbers of Ipad 2s, many 6 years old that will continue to go well for the foreseeable future and that learners will continue to do amazing things on them. History would suggest that the quality of the build of these devices and their newer cousins will continue and that schools will be able to confidently invest in them as learning devices. Sasha we need articles like this to remind us to look at the bigger picture and the decisions we make around learning. Thanks for bringing it to our attention - in future i will reduce my flippant impulsivity.

    By the way my next car is still likely to be a Mazda, not as many bells and whistles but 300000 in 10 years without a spanner being lifted, I'll go for quality build.

    Have a great weekend - tis raining on our parade here right now


  • Innes Kennard 16 Sep 2016 7:33pm () in ios10

    Hi Sasha

    Interesting article - I guess my 2005 Mazda is obsolete but I will still drive it tomorrow. I don't think there was a Chicken Licken moment on 13 Sept though I might have missed it. My iPad 2 still went the next day and still ran ALL of the apps that I use on it. However I bought it more than 5 years ago and it still does all the things I want it to do, no I won't even try to install iOS10, but I guess for quite a few years yet i will give it to kids to use, almost indestructible (probably like the 310000 kms on the Mazda).

    Your school management process for your iPad 2's will determine what you do with them - your call.

    Your BYOD - it is 'only' the Mini 1 from what i can read. Once again if they are all going fine now maybe you recommend that the parents don't do anything.

    Maybe I should be typing this on my 5 year old notebook, netbook, chromebook OR am I missing something?

    Breathe deep and soldier on

  • Innes Kennard 24 Sep 2015 8:40am () in Reflector App and IOS9

    Seems to be the same at the moment for X-Mirage though they suggest they are going to update their programme therefore hopefully no cost

  • Innes Kennard 07 Aug 2015 10:57pm () in Throw a challenge my way

    Back again -sunny summer morning here in London so have some relax time! And I'm thinking of school stuff, how sad is that however this is a topic dear to my heart. Thanks Matt (by the way public congratulations and thanks on upgrade to 100s app) for blog suggestions - easy peasy for inclass, current access. I checked out Jnr Blogger settings but don't seem to be able to upload ePubs??? A Wordpress vs Blogger thing.

    Until some very clever app development person develops SchoolLib maybe an old fashioned solution might work. Have tried it with


    Only one book on junior page but you will get idea. Totally frustrating to develop on an iPad (my sole device) so haven't tried tables etc. would have wiki link as clickable link on every iPad.

    Be interested in your thoughts, other solutions. Maybe the 'hush' upgrades to Configurator might help. Can you broadcast ePub files using Meraki?


  • Innes Kennard 07 Aug 2015 8:13pm () in Throw a challenge my way

    Hi Carol and Claire

    This is not an answer but more of a reflection and my take on this emerging area. The book issue is not about Apple but rather book publishers and digital rights - works the same way with music and is quite correctly about copyright and intellectual property. The challenge is that, especially pre-iPads, few books were produced by independents let alone thousands of children and we used book shops to purchase or libraries to share. Oh what a wonderful world where we now have amazing examples of student voice we want to share. So options


    Have on school Dropbox or Drive where each iPad would download it and 'Open in ....' iBooks. Requires shared Drive and wifi OR generate a QR code for link into teacher managed space and kids download that way

    Or use WebDav to store and access internally eliminating external requirements

    Neither option broadcasts it across iPads -  anyone know of a way (easy) to do it through iTunes- don't think there is - DRM again.

    External to parents and the world

    Dropbox or Drive link either emailed or QR coded if you want parents to dowload to iPads or Macs. If they are downloading to PCs the make sure they have Chrome and the Readability widget installed. Then they can read as an EPub with all features. I try to avoid turning into a movie as you lose the excitement and interactivity but it is an option. EPubs are the new PDF and will evolve.

    Now my query (finally I hear you mutter) and maybe Allanah's challenge. There are DRM apps (my local library uses Overdrive) that can manage sharing. Might it be possible to set up a school 'library' where books are displayed on digital shelves, borrowed by readers for a set period of time (if returned after set number of days would free up space - cos ePubs can get big) or forever. Would I think only work on tablets?? Parents would need to join the 'library' to access.

    My thoughts, when I started it wasn't going to be this long



  • Innes Kennard 06 Aug 2015 7:02pm () in Explain Everything wish list or questions

    Following on from the lively discussions from Allanah's iPad challenge I have decided to add a different one. Those who know me will know that Explain Everything is my 'go to' app for almost everything (whoops! added an emoji in here and it seems to have truncated the message - lesson learnt and trying again). I will be meeting with Reshan Richards, co-founder and education developer of EE in New York in two weeks for a working session and a conversation on a trial that is happening in NZ at the moment. I am happy to take along any wishes, suggestions or questions on features or uses. Think creatively and add them in, I love the way ideas build on ideas. What would you like to see?

    If you have any samples to celebrate or as a 'how can I' happy for you to send me a cloud download link to the .xpl file and I will add them in - maybe send this to me at innesk@werc.ac.nz

    Would be great to have Kiwi input to what is already a great learning environment.



  • Innes Kennard 18 May 2015 11:21pm () in Wireless Mirroring

    Hi Rachel

    You mention 'another application' As there are one or two can I suggest, in case you haven't, that you include X-Mirage. I alternate between this and Reflector when working in schools and seem to find that one or other works better depending on that particular schools wireless. I have paid for both and have tried both at the same time in a school with one being more robust than the other!    It also has a weeks trial period.

    Not sure what logic, if any, there is in this but ...

Innes Kennard

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