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Allanah King's discussion posts

  • Allanah King 09 Feb 2017 10:58am () in Teachers say what makes an ideal principal

    She needs to be in front - leading and inspiring. She needs to care about the people- students, teachers and whānau.

  • Allanah King 03 Feb 2017 8:54pm () in App Sharing

    I would maybe start with what skill would you like to particularly like to focus on?

    If it is speaking then using the video camera in selfie mode and playing it back maybe useful- able to self/peer reflect on understanding and learning. Or Puppet Pals where the children can role play and speak

    If it is to communicate with whanau in the way of a learning journal then maybe Book Creator with recorded reflections. Or Seesaw.

    Can you let us know what in particular you are wanting to target or reinforce for their learning.

  • Allanah King 03 Feb 2017 8:07pm () in Writing progressions

    I was wondering Stephanie if this is what you mean when you ask for an on line matrix of learning progressions for writing

    Link to Google Doc that you can make a copy of

  • Allanah King 30 Jan 2017 10:34pm () in Safer Internet Day 7 Feb: Updates from Netsafe with Karen Spencer

    If it isn't too much of a distraction I'd be keen to have a discussion around net neutrality how the new American president might be able to influence net neutrality.

    1. NET Neutrality- the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.
      And how we might fact check sources better so as to better ascertain the truth from alternative truths.


  • Allanah King 30 Jan 2017 10:07pm () in Writing progressions

    I wonder also if you have had a look at the https://sites.google.com/a/matata.school.nz/literacy-progressions/https://sites.google.com/a/matata.school.nz/literacy-progressions/where an attempt has been made to put the progressions into kids speak.

    One school I work with has developed these and children have made been made copies- as they show that they have mastered a facet they highlight it and look at their next learning step.

  • Allanah King 25 Jan 2017 1:36pm () in Online learning - what happens when it doesn't work?

    Hi Karen,

    I wrote this blog post 'The Right Tool for the Job' on my Edublog some time ago and I think it still holds true. 

    My ideal would be a mixture of devices and learning tools available to everyone- then people get to know which tool was the right one for each situation.

    I love the digital tools but at a meeting this week I picked up my pen and paper to record my notes as having a laptop screen between us seemed like it would be making a barrier not removing one.

    I think at times too then no digital tools is the best option. I was supporting a teacher in her class recently with some borrowed iPads and they had a variety of different pass codes on them and we soon got ourselves locked out. The best option at that stage was to regroup and go out for a game and cool off and sort the tech issue before trying again to use the borrowed iPads. The use of technology in that situation at that time was a hindrance to learning not a support for it. 

  • Allanah King 25 Jan 2017 12:37pm () in My Social Book- Facebook

    At the end of the year I saw an advertisement on Facebook for My Social Book– an old school version of your Facebook postings. I thought it would be a useful record of the year’s journey and as a useful example for schools who have a Facebook page to quickly put together a yearbook of their school’s happenings.

    The book arrived yesterday and I was very pleased with it. All of the cross-posted and shared photos and comments were there. Cleverly the videos were captured with a title frame and a QR code to take you to the actual video if you scanned the QR code- a very cool blend of analogue and digital.


    My blog post shares some photos of the book to show you how it looks.

    My Social Book

  • Allanah King 24 Jan 2017 9:54pm () in Apple Teacher Programme

    If you don't want to go as far as applying to be an Apple Distinguished Educator you can now be part of the Apple Teacher Programme.


    The idea is that you do a bit of extra reading and become knowledgable in using your iPad or Mac or Swift. Then you take some surveys to show your competency and you can then call yourself an 'Apple Teacher' and use the Apple Teacher logo!!

    I just joined up myself this evening and will go deeper when I get a spare minute!!

    This is a new opportunity open to everyone and until recently only available in America. Yay!!!!

    Apple Teacher


  • Allanah King 24 Jan 2017 8:35pm () in Google Voice Typing on an iPad

    I was asked today if there was a way of accessing Google Voice Typing on an iPad. The answer is no but there is a work around that achieves the same result. It is easier to show people visually than write a set of instructions so here is my little video showing both my phone and Mac screens simultaneously so you can see how it works. 


  • Allanah King 24 Jan 2017 1:42pm () in Apps for special needs student

    What are his learning needs in particular?