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  • JacquiLand 13 Aug 2013 1:17pm () in Does your school have a Digital Citizenship profile?

    Hi Tessa,

    I have trialled this course as a blended approach, which worked quite well, although it probably needs a bit more teacher PD first to be entirely successful. This is what my research is based on, so would be happy to share this once it is complete. The way it worked, was that each of the core subjects - English, Maths, Science, Social science and HPE took responsibility for two of the modules. The students then completed the course in one core lesson each week. So Week 1 they did the first module in an English class, in week 2 they did a module in a maths class and so on. This worked well, as no one department wanted to take on sole responsibility for the course. The departments also felt they couldn't "give up" 10 lessons to cover the whole course. It was therefore decided that each department would "give up" 2 lessons. This also meant that the course was spread across the school, so the same message was coming from every department, making it more of a whole school initiative. The idea being that eventually the topics will become embedded within the "normal" teaching and learning that takes place. The form tutor also had an overview of the whole course. 

    Each department was given two of the modules. This was so that the members of the department could help each other and if necessary the department could adapt the material to suit their subject and resources. The teachers could then just supervise the students as they worked through the material on-line, or they could interact more with the students and add some face-to-face discussions to the course. This was really left up to individual teachers / departments. The students accessed the material for one period a week in school and then finished the module at home, with the class teacher and form teacher monitoring student completion.

  • JacquiLand 07 Aug 2013 7:38am () in Does your school have a Digital Citizenship profile?

    We have developed an on-line Digital Citizenship programme for our students to work through. It probably works best as a blended programme. We ran it with our Year 9 students where they did one module in a core class each week for a term. If you want to have a look at it, it is on our Moodle site, but you should be able to access it as a guest. http://papnet.papanui.school.nz/course/view.php?id=2063 The enrolment key is Digital

    There is also a teachers course / guide at http://papnet.papanui.school.nz/course/view.php?id=2050 again the enrolment key is Digital.

    These courses are available to download and restore in your own Moodle site, where you can ammend/change them to suit your needs, if they are helpful / useful. These can be downloaded from http://papnet.papanui.school.nz/course/view.php?id=2052 (enrolment key = Digital).

    I am also looking at the implementation of the course into a New Zealand High School as part of my Masters Thesis, which I hope to finish later this year. If people are interested I would be happy to share my findings once completed. I would also be happy to receive any feedback / improvements that can be added to the courses.