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  • Peter Corlett 17 Aug 2015 7:04pm () in Password Recovery for students

    Hi! Steve,

    To resync the password with the school server and Google we first reset passwords using "Password Control" a downloaded free programme, which updates login passwords for machines on the domain. It doesn't auto sync with Google.  Children then go to a desktop and change their password which then syncs automatically with Google.  Seems to work fine for us as we run a mix of devices.  In my room I have Acer laptops, Xtenda desktops and Chromebooks.  Other teachers run Apple.     Feel free to contact me and can pass you on to a Norrcom techie who may be able to assist you if you need help with this.


  • Peter Corlett 22 Jul 2015 5:01pm () in Gmail policy and procedures for students

    I think parental trust of us as educationalist is vital - so informing parents and involving parents in conversations around all ICT developments in your class is a wise move.   Once you have the trust of parents you can really do some cool stuff using the ICTs to support learning. Remember that education in today's schools is so totally foreign and many parents would like to be involved but feel out of their depth with both pedagogy and the tools of modern classrooms - their children often know more about the use of ICT tools than their parents. 

    Different classes in our school have used different approaches - mine has been to keep parents informed right from the start of the year.  I talked of how email, along with other tools can be used to assist learning and some of the guidelines around that.  eg Only allowed to email people within the school and family members out of the school, unless the teacher has given permission..... what to do if you get an email that makes you feel uncomfortable .... email etiquette.... and that all email has to be for learning purposes.  We held a parent's evening and demonstrated the use of Hapara Dashboard as a way to monitor student emails.  We also made sure children could see how we monitor emails by doing so and putting it up on the board with the data projector.  We made sure children knew school email was a work email, and even if they used that email address at home teachers could monitor it.    

    Once parents and students understood that their emails could and would be monitored, the concerns of parents melted away.

    All the best for you and your class on this learning journey, Jane. 

    Peter Corlett

  • Peter Corlett 22 Jul 2015 4:43pm () in Password Recovery for students

    SSO means that there is one password - and that password will allow you to fisrts sign in and then access all the SSO  (Saml 2) sites that are SSO compliant, without having to re-enter the password.  Basically the authentication  happens when the new site checks back to your server and the server says "Yes - this is who they say they are" and so the host site than grants access.  It is an automatic process.

    However not all educational sites out there are SSO compliant.  So I give my children a slip of paper at the start of the year and they stick it into one of their exercise books.  When we use a new site which requires a new password they record their own user name and password - as Yr 5 -6s they are responsible for keeping and maintaining their list.   For Sumdog / Mathletics etc I print off their username cards and they also stick these in where their main password list is.    I haven't had a problem with children hacking other kids accounts etc - only problem I encountered was where a child went away without logging off and another child then did some silly things on their account - became a good teaching & learning opportunity for this issue.

  • Peter Corlett 08 Dec 2014 3:45pm () in Chromebook vs Ipads

    Here's my take on the issue.

    We have gone down the track of Chromebooks - have Samsung, HP and ACER sets of 16, as we bought them in stages and they went into different classrooms.  Each class has 1 i-pad as well.  In my room (Yr 5-6) I have a further 13 Asus laptops. I also have 7 Windows7 workstations, running off a single computer box using Xtenda technology giving better than 1:1 devices for students - which is helpful if there are any that don't work for technical reasons (eg Loss of trust relationship with the server). Chromebooks are the prefered device device by students who say they like the fast startup, and ability to work anywhere in the room.  I like them too as I can use Teacher Dashboard (Hapara) to monitor - rarely works for me on laptops and not on desktops.  Next they go for the desktops - they always work as they are not wireless, (but can be monitored as screens face out into the room) followed by the laptops. They can easily print off all those devices if needed to the HP5000 printer I bought off TradeMe for $15, in my room. It's all to do with having a tactile keyboard.  The biggest issue is broken screens due to student misuse as the devices are getting thinner and thinner and therefore not so strong.  3x broken screens from children shutting the lid when a headphone jack was sitting on the keyboard and 2x from twisting the screen instead of opening and shutting it from the middle.

    Children only use the I-pad for making movies, and the other Ipads ( sets of 16) are gradually migrating to the junior school. Only 1 broken from a headphone jack broken off in the headphone socket.

    Having weighed it all up, my preference is Chromebooks especially as we are going GAFE.


  • Peter Corlett 03 Sep 2014 10:18pm () in Daily Notices

    Yep We do at Waikanae School on the Kapiti Coast.  We got rid of the paper based one circulated through the classes.  We just have it as a doc and each day we add to it at the top, and so it is a long document as we have had it all year - makes it easy to search back on missed notices.



  • Peter Corlett 05 Jun 2014 5:35pm () in Password Recovery for students

    Use single sign on (SSO)

    Use a programme called "Password control" for easy resetting by teachers and administrators.

    Give them "I must remember my password" as their password.  :-)

  • Peter Corlett 11 Feb 2014 6:42pm () in Updating Cyber Safety agreement

    We have had school email (gmail) accounts for several years, for all students although only really relevant to Yr5+.  We framed our discussions around the idea that school computers were for learning - and "What will this help you learn?" as being the key question.  If they were emailing a zoo, vet, specialist etc then that was permited - and email addresses provided.  Children could email teachers and school staff like the librarian. The additional use was that they could email family members here and overseas.  The key rules about keeping safe ....

    a) Never use your school email to sign up to online games etc out of school - it is non-educational and gaming sites harvest the email addresses and sell them to spamming companies.   - use a different email (eg a yahoo address) as your throw-away junk email address.   

    b) Dont use it to plague other kids or distract them from their work .... eg sending an email like "wats up" to the person sitting next to you.  

    c) Only use polite, sensible language - silliness will result in your email being disabled (Techie sets the email account size to 0kb and it ceases to work until it is given more space again)

    d) Your school email is monitored - Hapara teacher dashboard - Show the kids how you can see all they do by putting it up on the data projector - kids see that they will be caught if they misbehave.

    e) If you8 get an email that makes you feel uncomfortable or is bullying, show or forward it to your teacher.


    So we don't have explicit, rule based computer account contracts - behaviour is covered under the general class rules.

    I am responsible for my behaviour andf choices - nobody else.

    Be in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

    Act and speak kindly and respectfully to others.

    Show respect towards the property of others.


    We did discuss and give examples of what this would look like in ICT contexts.

    So if there was any misuse of computers, not just email, then it was covered.... no need for a long list of rules.

  • Peter Corlett 26 Jan 2014 5:27pm () in How to make a goggle presentation private in a gmail account that has multiple people on one password

    If you do any presentation, if it is viewable it can be captured using screen shots, such as "snipping tool". The pages can then be recreated by the new person.  Not sure which software would capture the videos but no doubt there is something out on the web designed to do that too.