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Tania's discussion posts

  • Tania 04 Sep 2012 1:32pm () in Resources for a blended approach to learning about Science.

    Hi Doug,

    Would be great if you can add the android apps as you find them to this discussion thread as there will be many others interested in the appsCool.

  • Tania 04 Sep 2012 11:06am () in Resources for a blended approach to learning about Science.

    I was lucky enough to attend Slide2Learn and went to a presentation by Britt Gow.  Britt has created a slideshare presentation of apps that she uses inside and outside the classroom for science.  Well worth checking out if you have iPods or iPads within your school.

  • Tania 27 Aug 2012 12:42pm () in iPad Apps for Secondary School

    Hi Libby,

    Have you checked out the PE Geek?  Top Apps for PE Teachers.  Maybe a great place to start.   Jarrod has also written a book - available in the apps store - 'It's Now Possible' - Why Technology in Physical Education?  Worth checking out.  I would love to hear how the iPads go for you and what apps work well.

  • Tania 21 Aug 2012 3:23pm () in Why Twitter?

    Global - learning, sharing and networking with the world

    'Just in Time' learning - when and where I want it in the comfort of my PJ'sLaughing

    Opens my mind to the world outside of education - and not just by following the All BlacksCool


    Love the whole concept of enticing teachers into PD by using the PDinPJ's approach - there is a WHOLE WIDE WORLD awaiting.....

  • Tania 17 Aug 2012 11:04am () in iPads in education | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Thanks Karen - great to read your cluster reflection - a good resource for me to share with schools I am working with who are currently at the beginning of their iPad journey.  I think for teachers just starting out it is all about finding the right 'app' for the right 'purpose'.  A few teachers at Whangarei Primary School are using Show Me as a tool for recording the students math thinking.  It was really interesting yesterday listening to feedback from the students about why they liked using show me.  Lots of positive thinking about how they enjoyed math more where they could blend it with the iPad and how they liked listening to how other people solved the problems and being able to give each other feedback on their thinking.  The students are also keen to try this app out for their spelling words...  watch this spaceCool

  • Tania 13 Aug 2012 5:25pm () in iPads in education | An Enabling e-Learning event

    If you are just beginning with iPads - you may like to check out our intial thoughts as a teaching team at Whangarei Primary School.  In this post we talk about our students critiquing apps.  Please feel free to adapt the attached app critique sheet....

    WPS App Critiquing Student.pdf

  • Tania 13 Aug 2012 12:16pm () in iPads in education | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Thanks for the introduction TessaLaughing  Looking forward to taking part in this discussion forum.  My quick start to this discussion...  This morning I have been working alongside CORE Education BeL Literacy Facilitator - Jill Hammonds.  As Jill has been working with teachers and students I have been trialling popplet as an app to collate my notes.  I loved being able to easily add text and pictures to my mind map AND if I was an artist I could have even drawn my own picturesCool  A real bonus was being able to easily share my popplet my saving as a JPEG, PDF or emailing.


    Last week I worked with a group of students at Whangarei Primary School during their group reading time.  The students were reading about dustmites and wanted to collate the information they had gained in a way that they could share on their class blog.  The students successfully trialled Popplet and have posted their work here.  You will see they used different strategies - as we reflected on the 'why' they thought popplet worked for them as an app they shared a few points.

    • They liked being able to take photos of the journal they were reading as a visual reminder - they also took photos of 'words' they weren't sure of and were able to collaborate with others peers/teachers on the meaning of these words
    • They liked being able to draw their own pictures of dustmites on the iPad - yes they are artistsCool
    • They liked being able to write on the iPad

    Many schools I am working with have a focus on literacy within the BeL programme.  Staffrooms are buzzing with professional discussions and 'wonderings'  around how literacy learning can be enhanced with the support of the iPad/iPod.  I look forward to encouraging teachers to take part in this discussion forum and building a real community of learners when thinking about iPads in Education.

  • Tania 13 Aug 2012 11:02am () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    Awesome CatrionaCool  I have also shared within our early years community on ECEOnline.  There is also great discussion going on in our community with early childhood centres trialing iPads.

  • Tania 08 Aug 2012 12:52pm () in iPad trial

    Hi Danella,

    I am working with a early childhood centre who are investigating how they can utilise the iPads to engage children in literacy experiences.  This has come from the teachers noticing that boys in particular, were not engaging with literacy experiences on a regular basis.  The data they are collecting now are the incredible literacy experiences the children are involved in. These children are taking photos of their work with the iPads and/or recording their reflections/stories/ideas AND using this to create their own iBooks using a variety of apps.  This is just one example.  Obviously important to think about what you want to self review as a team.  What is the purpose of the iPads.  I think it is vitally important to encourage creativity with the iPad - LOVE apps that encourage this kind of learning and the ability to share the creationsCool  Have you looked at the Victoria Department of Education iPad Trial?  


  • Tania 08 Aug 2012 9:46am () in Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Gaylene is a teacher from Whangarei Primary School who has taken a years leaving and is currently living in the UK.  Gaylene has embarked on a blogging journey to share her story with students at WPS as well as friends/family and all interested.  You may like to check out her blog here.  I am sure Gaylene would love to collaborate with students and teachers from around NZ and would love your comments.  Gaylene is def harnessing the power of blogging to share her adventures!  The teachers at WPS are really thinking about how they can use Gaylene's blog to enhance the learning.  It has obviously proved a very authentic reading experience for the children...  what other ideas do you have for using this that you can share with the teachers at WPS?

    Kia ora from the United Kingdom, Iwa is a kiwi from Room 9, Whangarei Primary School, Northland, New Zealand. Iwa has recently moved to the United Kingdom with his best buddy Puke, the pukeko, to live. They would both like to keep in touch with all of their friends and share their exciting travels with them.