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  • Tania 22 Nov 2012 11:06am () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    And an email from a teacher - 'I now know that true learning is creating rather than consuming.  You have helped us see that the iPad empowers students to create...'

  • Tania 22 Nov 2012 9:24am () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    Great questions to  ponder Karen.  I am seeing a HUGE difference in learning environments and still really thinking about what is making this difference - I am sure it is a combination of things - firstly, yes the iPads are the tool BUT the excitement I am seeing is that both the students and the teachers are engaged in learning and in exploring how the 'tool' can support them...  Teachers are thinking outside the box and allowing students opportunties for creativity.  An example of this is a teacher integrating the iPad into a math group - not by using math gaming apps BUT by letting the students get out there and take photos of things that measured less than 1cm, less than 5cm etc...  I am EXCITED by the conversations I hear happening in staffrooms about student learning, teachers sharing the learning that is happening - sharing what apps are proving successful to support creativity and collaboration - I have never seen that sharing happening over worksheetsCool  It's about teachers giving students opportunties to present their work in a variety of ways... it is not everyone handing in their work as a poster - the possibilities are endless.  And- I think you are right - I think teachers ARE familiar with students, strengths and interests and are really thinking about the individual learning styles in their class - the bonus of the iPad being it seems to meet the needs of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.  So YES again, I think you are right, teachers are using their professional expertise BUT I think the iPad is providing them with the perfect tool to engage, inspire and motivate students.  Now I am wondering if this all makes sense as I have written as listening in to other conversations in the staffroom!

  • Tania 20 Nov 2012 3:11pm () in The iPad effect - drastic changes in the classroom

    Just a blogpost I happened upon through Facebook that I think is well worth the share.  Check out the top 10 changes in the classroom as reflected upon by this teacher.  Would love to hear other teachers top 10 changes in the classroom environment/culture...Cool

    1.  Fewer Water Bubbler Visits

    2.  Fewer Restroom Visits

    3.  Fewer Nurse Visits

    4. “Can I do an extra problem?”

    5.  Increased Focus

    6. Getting to Work FASTER!

    7. Better Behavior Choices

    8. Clearer Communication

    9. Increased Engagement

    10.  Clearer Assessment

  • Tania 07 Nov 2012 8:59pm () in App Harvest

    You will be pleased to know I have 6 of the rubber chicken appsSmile  They are also on the 12 iPads we have at WPS.  They weren't missed out - just ones that teachers were already usingSmile  Thanks for adding the link here to remind other teachers of other beneficial apps.

  • Tania 07 Nov 2012 4:25pm () in App Harvest

    A group of Whangarei teachers recently had an 'app harvest' session.  Here are a few of our favourite apps shared on the daySmile  - I thoroughly recommend getting together with teachers in your area to share apps you and your students are using to support teaching and learning.  Not only do you discover new apps you also get to see 'how' other teachers/students are utilsing these apps.  AND the most important part of these app harvests is meeting teachers from other schoolsSmile  A fantastic professional learning opportunity.

    App Harvest

  • Tania 07 Nov 2012 9:35am () in How does your school store and manage student data?

    Hi Steph,

    Schools and Early Childhood Centres I am working with using blogger are changing ownership of the student ePortfolio/Blogs to the student/parents email address.  The student/parent becomes ADMIN of the blog and is able to choose if they on share with new school.  This means that no learning is lost and students/parents/whānau can continue to add to their learning ePortfolio and share.  Teachers are then able to become simply 'readers' of the students blog if the blog is private OR totally delete themselves as admin/author/reader - depending on how the blog has been set up.

    Hope this helpsSmile

  • Tania 06 Nov 2012 8:50pm () in Who do you follow? Where do you get your professional learning online?

    A great place to start with twitter as a PLN is with this list - 'New Zealand Educational Twits to Follow'.  Please add your name to the list if it's not already on thereSmile

  • Tania 19 Oct 2012 9:09am () in Blogging on iPad

    and me again - you can see a great example of how this has worked in a classroom here when Catriona Pene was using this as a tool to share photos from a class trip at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School in Whangarei.

  • Tania 19 Oct 2012 9:05am () in Blogging on iPad

    Hi Stevie,

    We have simply set up an email address for our blog and are now able to send anything we create, write, taking photos of on the iPad to the class blog/school blog.  You need to go into your blog settings and under mobile and email you are able to fill in the 'secret words' to create an email address.  Then any photo you take you are wanting to put on your blog you simply choose the email option and pop in the address.  The subject of the email becomes the blog title and any writing you put in your email becomes your post.  You are able to choose in the settings under the 'secret words' if you want your emails to be published immediately OR saved as a draft.  We have found this an incredible way of enabling students and teachers to post to the blog from anywhere, anytime with any device.  Students who have been away on family trips are able to post photos and stories straight to the blogLaughing.  I am sure you will find it a really easy solution.  Good luck and let me know how it works for you.


  • Tania 01 Oct 2012 1:52pm () in Te Mangōroa - Online site to support Māori learners

    Kia Ora Koutou - I have used the Te Mangōroa website to support sharing strategies for enhancing identity, language and culture within a MOE leadership cluster I am co-facilitating with Ann Hatherly.  We are working with 10 Early Childhood Centres who are focusing on mathematics and literacy.  Each centre is led by a pedagogical leader who is developing their understanding around identity, language and culture.  I particularly like to share the video snippets within the effective leaders and effective teachers tabsCool