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Tania's discussion posts

  • Tania 25 Mar 2013 5:25pm () in Wordle or Tagxedo?

    Kia ora Tawera,

    I use Word Collage on the iPad which is very similar to wordle/tagxedo.  Would love to hear how you get on.  Sounds like amazing stuff happening in your kuraCool.  Awesome digital twist!


  • Tania 15 Mar 2013 4:21pm () in Polyfest 2013

    Awesome Karen - thanks for sharing Cool  Sitting in a Kindergarten in the Far North - Doubtless Bay - and we have all just enjoyed Polyfest from afar!

  • Tania 13 Mar 2013 3:14pm () in How to introduce ipad minis into teaching and learning.

    Hi Hayley,

    I was lucky enough to use an iPad mini with groups of students when they were first released and used the good old - Plus, Minus, Interesting as a tool for the students to reflect.  You may like to read the blogpost on the CORE Education blog - I would be really interested in knowing if your students reflections are similar.  Cool


  • Tania 13 Mar 2013 2:23pm () in Place Value and Fractions ipad apps

    One of my favourites is Motion Math.  Heaps of fun and gets harder as it goesCool

  • Tania 19 Feb 2013 3:35pm () in A REFRESHER about what works for Māori learners?

    This video clip is from the Keynote address at the Teaching Tolerance Honors Culturally Responsive Teaching Awards Event.  'The event concluded with a deeply felt keynote address on understanding the needs of diverse students by Lisa Delpit, author of the groundbreaking Other People's Children'.

    I have just watched this video clip and it fits in so well with this discussion thread.  Well worth the 20 minute watch.  Lisa talks about her 'joy' in teaching students of dvierse backgrounds.  The humility it takes to see the world through the eyes of others and the importance of opening yourself up to the world.  Lisa talks about the difference of looking, touching and listening as opposed to seeing, feeling and hearing in a cultural context.

    Thanks to Jocelyn Wright, our Early Years Team Leader, for sharing this powerful video clip.

  • Tania 15 Feb 2013 11:29am () in A REFRESHER about what works for Māori learners?

    I have loved following this korero and am really impressed with the stories everyone has shared.  The proverb "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata" sums it all up for meLaughing and it all starts with relationships.  Building up meaningful relationships with our tamariki and their whānau, truly getting to know them and listening with intent!  Knowing what makes them tick and realising that one learning style is not going to fit all.  As a Facilitator I feel very lucky that I am working with some amazing teachers who I see working extremely hard to make a difference for our māori learner, valuing their tikanga, their identity and the reo.  AWESOME to see those WOW teachers who have been mentioned previously shine.  The importance of sharing these stories with other teachers cannot be underestimated.  There are still many teachers who don't have an understanding of our māori learners and what they need to succeed.  It is not necessarily because they don't care, but can be because they haven't had good role models or the opportunity to explore this deeper and gain a true understanding.  I know I am lucky in my role to be able to share these stories with educators throughout Northland - and this is a thread of discussion that I will encourage many to read!  Thanks again for sharing everyone.

  • Tania 10 Feb 2013 8:32pm () in Professional Learning Opportunity

    Hi Simone

    Some further information for you to share...

    Kevin Honeycutt Whangarei

    And a PDF version if you would like to download for your noticeboardCool

    Kevin Honeycutt Whangarei

  • Tania 09 Feb 2013 3:49pm () in Professional Learning Opportunity

    Hi Simone,

    Yes Kevin Honeycutt is in Whangarei on Thursday 28th February.  It is being organised by Teachers 4 Teachers as far as I know - you cold contact Jane @ Kamo Primary School and I think she maybe able to give you more information.  

  • Tania 04 Feb 2013 3:55pm () in Google Apps - how do we embed their use in classroom programmes?

    A school I work in is doing amazing collaborative writing utilising google docs.  Not only are they collaborating within their own classrooms but they are also utilising google docs for storywriting between buddy classes.  Senior students have the opportunity to begin a story writing 'project' with a junior student - whether it be a recount or imaginative - although this is started in a face to face time, the senior students take on the role of an online 'mentor' continually giving feedback to the junior student, offering ideas and checking grammer.

    Students at this school are beginning to work collaboratively on google presentations (digital kits as described by Catriona above) - this is giving students incredible experiences at working on projects whenever/where ever...

    Year 5 and 6 students have set up individual e Portfolios using google blogger and are able to upload anything they create on the iPad to their blogs via a simple email.  This year is all about connecting with others - sharing their blog address with whānau and globally and who knows where this will take them.

    Google Forms have proved an incredible way of gathering data whether it be students sending out questions to a group of parents around their role in the community as part of gathering information for their inquiry OR teachers sending out forms to students as part of finding out more about them at the beginning of the year.  What I love most about google forms is that you can get a summary of responses - fabulous graphs - that can then be unpacked as a mathematics workshop..

    The learning and opportunties are endless - great question Ross - I look forward to seeing other ideas.  Catriona and I presented at ULearn last year - and our presentation is available here.

  • Tania 22 Nov 2012 5:37pm () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    Indeed Jo - and that shows the VALUE of really critiquing apps and engaging students in this process.  In some of the schools where I am lucky enough to work, we have dedicated time for this and a process that sits alongside the learning intentions and success criteria.  It is especially important that the app allows us to SHARE our learning.