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  • Tania 27 Jun 2016 1:37pm () in FORUM: The power of networked organisations, June 17 - July 17

    Kia ora koutou,

    I am lucky enough to be working across the 5 Manaiakalani Outreach clusters throughout New Zealand this year and am continually seeing huge shifts for both teachers and learners as they network across their outreach community.  What is being achieved in these clusters fits perfectly within the framework of the questions you have posted above Nathaniel.  When thinking about the digital tools that are having an impact on supporting our networks there are definitely some stand outs.

    How can we develop a strong network throughout our communities to support the education and wellbeing of our students?

    Besides the face to face connections as clusters take on professional learning opportunities as a cluster, each cluster also has a Google + community set up.  This provides an online space that is accessible and visible anytime for where discussions can continue.  It is also becoming a space where teachers can share their stories of success and/or seek support for issues and questions.  Teachers may choose to share a particular student's blogpost, gaining an authentic audience and feedback on their work from other teachers/learners throughout New Zealand.

    How are you already extending into your community to increase the opportunities for your community?

    Connecting with whānau and the wider community is happening through both class blogs and individual learners blogs.  Through teachers and students postings, whānau and community are aware of the why and how of learning for students.   Students are creating digital learning objects sharing strategies for their learning and the processes they are following.  Feedback from whānau has shown that they appreciate blogs as an accessible way to view their child's learning as well as a way to view strategies to support their learners.  An example of this is Lavina's blogpost (Tautoro School - Kaikohekohe cluster) on her strategy for using tidy numbers in math.

    In what way are digital technologies helping (or could they help) to support the network?

    Digital technologies provide the perfect tool to create digital learning objects that are able to be shared in an online visible and accessible space.  Students and teachers are using a variety of tools to support their learning.  Some examples of this can be viewed on the Sharing the Hook blog.  Many of the clusters are sharing links to the students learning through social media sites such as Twitter and Google +, again, another tool for hooking both whānau and the wider community in.

    eg Kaikohekohe Twitter Feed, Grey High PE Department Google

    Our clusters continue to grow in our understanding of the Manaiakalani pedagogy - Learn, Create, Share - and our networks continue to provide us with new opportunities for connecting.  Exciting times for teachers, learners, whānau and the community as we embrace a culture of visible and accessible learning.

  • Tania 20 Aug 2014 2:40pm () in Looking for a specific App

    As part of a teacher inquiry we are trying to locate an app that will support children learning the 'inside letter sounds'  For example 'oi' 'ou' 'oy' and 'ow'.  There are plenty of apps that support learning intial blend sounds and letter sounds but we are hoping to find something that focuses on the middle letters.  Any one found anything or using anything that could work.

    Pauline - Kamo Primary School

  • Tania 16 Jun 2014 8:57am () in Google Drive/Docs on iPad Issues

    I am working in a school who isn't yet using Hapara Teacher Dashboard BUT have had GAFE working well on the iPads until recently with the intro of the 'Docs' app.  What has been happening is...  Teachers are creating shared folders with the students and students are simply opening their google drive, opening their shared folder and then creating their docs in their so always shared with teachers.  Since the Docs app has been in operation our problem is... as soon as you go to create a doc in the shared google drive folder, it jumps you straight into the 'Docs' app which means it doesn't save in the shared folder.  Frustrating!  Does anyone know anyway around this?  Would really appreciate any help.

  • Tania 27 May 2014 8:01am () in 1 class, 1 laptop - Āwhina mai e hoa mā

    Kia Ora Moana,

    Do you know if the Kura has Google Apps for Education?  Another suggestion would be using Google Docs for both individual and collaborative writing.  Also Google Presentation in the same way.  The option with this is if the students have computer, mobile device and internet access at home, they can continue their work from there if they needed/wanted to.

    In a Kura I worked in, same situation, the teacher has a system going on where she had student in 5 groups and one particular group got laptop for whole day - so in your case, 3 students per day had the 'driver's wheel' of the laptop.  These students integrated into all curriculum areas throughout the day and negotiated as a team who used when and for what.  It seemed to work really well in her case.

  • Tania 06 May 2014 3:05pm () in Viewing Google Sites issue

    Hey there Mel,

    If you click on 'share' in the top right hand corner of your site it will give you options of how you want to share and who with.  You can share with specific people by adding their email address, share with people who have the link or have totally public on the web.

  • Tania 15 Apr 2014 2:44pm () in How are you using QR codes in your class?

    Sounds awesome Heather!  Would you mind sharing a copy of your questions.  Would be a great example to share with other teachers who are looking at using QR codes in an authentic way.  Also fabulous that it is something that can be used no matter what the device, which is proving to be a very important aspect for many schools.

  • Tania 07 Apr 2014 10:22am () in TV screens on movable stations

    For nice visitors who live 2 hours away, how about a photo Miss King Cool

  • Tania 07 Apr 2014 10:21am () in TV screens on movable stations

    Hey Anne,

    A school I am working in have the Sitech trolleys that seem to work well.



  • Tania 11 Dec 2013 12:18pm () in Aurasma in the Early Years

    Great example from Naketa Ikihele, currently working in Sadi Arabia, using Aurasma with her students.

    Aurasma in ECE

  • Tania 29 Nov 2013 9:01am () in Collaborative Digital Citizenship Inquiry by Students

    Totally happy for you to make a copy of our google doc and presentation and make it your own.  Look forward to hearing about the process and outcomes being shared on your class blogs.  Are you thinking about doing it within individual classes or across a range of ages working together?