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  • Hayden Shaw 31 May 2011 12:34pm () in creating accounts

    Hi Chris,

    If users are taking advantage of the google login, which should be encouraged and is extremely common nowadays, they have to be sure that the the google address they are using is infact the exact address they registered with or their account is set too. 

    When logging in with google, the VLN checks for an account matching the google address and if it finds one, it logs then in.  If it doesn't find one it creates a new account.  This is standard practice on any website taking advantage of google logins.

    FYI - users can check what their email is set too here.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Hayden



  • Hayden Shaw 25 May 2011 2:44pm () in pages

    Ahh yes,  too right.  Fixed :).

  • Hayden Shaw 25 May 2011 12:06pm () in pages

    Just FYI we changed the "Group CMS" name to "Group Content" due to some feedback from some users saying that the name "Group CMS" was a bit confusing or weren't sure what it did.  Hopefully the name change makes it a bit simplier and doesn't confuse too many in the process!

  • Hayden Shaw 25 May 2011 8:50am () in Editing Comments on Group Pages and Blog Posts

    Oddly no, not sure why it doesn't allow this.  Will look at creating this functionality sooner rather than later :).

  • Hayden Shaw 27 Apr 2011 4:44pm () in Finding favourite groups

    Makes sense to me.  Will put it in the next update.

  • Hayden Shaw 27 Apr 2011 4:26pm () in Remove checkbox not working?

    Thanks for reporting this.  I thought this had been fixed already but apparently not.

  • Hayden Shaw 02 May 2011 10:23am () in Password

    Hi Anne,

    What's the name and email address you are trying to register with?

  • Hayden Shaw 27 Apr 2011 3:45pm () in Process for new embed types to be added to the allowed list?

    Slideshare is supported, however i see they have updated their embed codes - i will fix this in the next update this week :).

  • Hayden Shaw 02 May 2011 11:27am () in Password

    I'm assuming your trying to register a user first and formost.  Which once you have registered you can then make the giftEDnz He Kahui Pumanawa group.

    I managed to register using these particulars on my local test copy of the VLN.

    Full name - Leeana Herewini

    Email address - giftednz@gmail.com

    Username - giftEDnz

    Note: The full name is what shows when you post something eg.  Mine is Hayden Shaw and yours is Anne S.  You may want it to be giftEDnz, rather than Leeana Herewini. 

    If you still having trouble, skype me at haydoshaw and I will walk you through it :).


  • Hayden Shaw 17 Apr 2011 6:20pm () in Embedding video or uploading media into group/sub-group pages

    Unfortunately not.  While you can upload swf files through the files tool, there is noway to embed it currently.  Is the file concerned hosted somewhere or a local file on your machine?  If your after a quick fix, you could convert the swf to a file format that is accepted by youtube?