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Hayden Shaw's discussion posts

  • Hayden Shaw 19 Aug 2011 3:30pm () in Losing part of the message when posting items

    It happens on FF6 too at times so ignore my last post. 

    I'll work out a fix and report back here when I have solved it Wink

  • Hayden Shaw 19 Aug 2011 2:15pm () in Losing part of the message when posting items

    That's strange Tessa - seems like your browser isn't playing nicely with the text editor. 

    I'll schedule in some testing for this but definately upgrade Safari, think it's up to version 5.1 now and see if it still occurs.  Also see if the same problem happens on other browsers like Chrome and Firefox and see if the problem is just isolated to Safari and send an email to help@vln.school.nz and i'll follow it up :)

  • Hayden Shaw 18 Aug 2011 4:19pm () in RSS Feed

    Hi Florence,

    Does this happen for all group feeds?  I just tested this groups rss feed and works ok with Firefox 6.  Can you supply a link to the group in question, and also what browser you are using etc?

  • Hayden Shaw 18 Aug 2011 1:09pm () in Video

    Skype or email me the video link Chrissie and i'll check it out :)

  • Hayden Shaw 26 Jul 2011 4:02pm () in Forgotten username

    Terribly sorry for not individually replying to this post earlier Megan!

    The username is really only for login and url purposes.  If you go to your profile page, you will notice that 'MeganM' is in the url and that in turn is your username.  

    However hopefully, as you pointed out, with the addition of being able to login with email addresses now, it will solve any similar confusion. Smile

    If you ever have any future trouble regarding logins etc with particular users of your group, feel free to send us an email at help@vln.school.nz.  This way it gets lodged in our help system.

  • Hayden Shaw 13 Jul 2011 1:13pm () in Groups migrate to sub groups

    Hi Megan,

    If you create the parent group and email help@vln.school.nz with a link to the parent and the proposed sub group I will work some magic behind the scenes :).

  • Hayden Shaw 01 Jun 2011 3:13pm () in Adding 'friends'

    There is an area underneath all the links on the left on your group home page that shows the members of the group :)

  • Hayden Shaw 31 May 2011 12:34pm () in creating accounts

    Hi Chris,

    If users are taking advantage of the google login, which should be encouraged and is extremely common nowadays, they have to be sure that the the google address they are using is infact the exact address they registered with or their account is set too. 

    When logging in with google, the VLN checks for an account matching the google address and if it finds one, it logs then in.  If it doesn't find one it creates a new account.  This is standard practice on any website taking advantage of google logins.

    FYI - users can check what their email is set too here.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Hayden



  • Hayden Shaw 17 Apr 2011 6:20pm () in Embedding video or uploading media into group/sub-group pages

    Unfortunately not.  While you can upload swf files through the files tool, there is noway to embed it currently.  Is the file concerned hosted somewhere or a local file on your machine?  If your after a quick fix, you could convert the swf to a file format that is accepted by youtube?

  • Hayden Shaw 02 May 2011 10:23am () in Password

    Hi Anne,

    What's the name and email address you are trying to register with?