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  • Diane Henderson 22 Jun 2013 3:31pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    We are also in the process of setting up GAFE for a small cluster of 3 schools.  Our ideas os to move the Outlook mail to the new gmail domain so we are all using the same.  We are also considering using Hapara to organise student folders and have more control of which apps are used etc.  Has anyone had experience in setting this up?

  • Diane Henderson 07 Jun 2013 12:04pm () in Chromebook - why the student brought a chromebook as part of the schools BYOD programme

    I agree, great to hear from students.  I like the idea of the light device for carrying around all day, the longer battery life and the fact that by using Google Docs you can easily share.  I am sure the benefits outweigh the issues such as videoing - the fact it has the USB ports, HDMI etc. are good - sounds like an ideal device, as long as teachers are up to speed as Greard suggests.

  • Diane Henderson 23 Aug 2012 2:41pm () in Equity devices in BYOD schools

    Hi Claire,

    Diane here, facilitator of 12 schools in the Far North.  One of the low decile schools I work with, offered a lease programme to parents for netbooks.   They worked in with their local business/technical support people and offered 3 payments throughout the year.  The netbooks remain at school during the year, but at the end of the year they are theirs to take home - has definitley worked for them.

  • Diane Henderson 22 Jul 2012 8:36am () in e-Learning as inquiry | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Hi, my name is Diane Henderson and I am the ICT Facilitator for the Ka-oro-hoki CLuster in the Far North.  All 12 schools in the cluster have committed to focussing on developing Inquiry and thinking processes.  As part of this, it has been very exciting to work with schools to set up different types of e-learning tools within schools.  This term has begun with one school developing their wikispaces e-portfolios for students, ensuring they are safe and students respect each others privacy (ongoing cyber safety sessions a must here!).  Another school is  setting up class blogs to be linked to their school website, this is a learning curve for the teachers, and Principal, who are all keen to be a part of this e-learning tool. Another school has purchased iPads for teachers, to be used with students.  After signing an iPad agreement, teachers have weekly App sessions, where they share and learn new ideas.  This has proved to be a fun way to get everyone on board.  Each team was given a $20 card to purchase Apps of their choice for use in their classrooms - a great way to get everyone on board to use the same ideas.

    Our exciting programme that is still in the planning stage is the digital classroom that is being set up in the local town, by 2 schools - each providing 1 teacher with 25 students each who will all have their own device, working out of a space in the centre of town for Term 4 of this year.  It is being planned for these students to work alongside busineses to promote their town, raise the profile of their own school and create an awareness of how students learn to the wider community.

    As we are in the final year of the ICT PD cluster, schools are realising how important it is to have e-learning tools embedded into their systems for planning and delivering relevant and exciting programmes to students who do not have access to these facilities at home.


  • Diane Henderson 23 May 2012 4:09pm () in Help! Introducing google apps to students/whanau

    We have used Google apps across our cluster, all primary schools, but have found it very important to get that parental permission and trust of students.  There are a number of online policies and I am pretty sure the VLN has some examples.  It is really important to read them carefully and tailor them to suit the needs of your school.  We have done a lot of work beforehand on cyber safety and cyber bullying etc.

    Here is an example of one we have done for one primary school.

    The Safe Surfing Contract

  • Diane Henderson 24 Apr 2012 2:58pm () in iPad Home Use Agreements

    Thanks Allanah,

    Some good points there to think about.  Managed to find some others online, so should be able to put a succinct agreement together that suits the purpose for this school.

  • Diane Henderson 24 Apr 2012 12:09pm () in iPad teacher agreement

    Does anybody have an agreement set up for teachers taking school iPads home please?  For insurance purposes please.

  • Diane Henderson 08 Mar 2012 11:05am () in How can we use the VLN / Enabling e-Learning for our own learning?

    A very useful diagram!  Very realistic - interesting to note, that when I finally tried the Perspective Stage, it was really really scary!!  I feel as though I am right back at Immersion.  It is hard to leave, and let go.  Bring on the Balance!

  • Diane Henderson 22 Nov 2011 12:16pm () in Digital storytelling in schools and kura: What's the point?

    I have just been working with Junior students from Tautoro School in the Far North, creating digital stories for pet day, using PhotoStory3.  The students each took the camera home for one night and photographed themselves working with and caring for their animal.  They drafted a storyboard and then completed their digital stories.  They are fantastic, because they have had so much input.

    Also, I followed the original link to the above video, and came across this link - be great to share at a staff meeting to get teachers on board.  It is from the Center for Digital Storytelling site.


    Diane Henderson

  • Diane Henderson 04 Nov 2011 8:30pm () in What should be in your e-learning kete? | November Challenge

    Kia ora, I am Diane Henderson, Facilitator of the Kai-oro-hoki Cluster, 12 schools in the Far North.  I am loving using Skype and Google Apps.  We have students using i-chat to collaborate with each other and their teacher, sharing stories on Google Docs, instant teacher feedback, using Google Forms to assess and evaluate learning.

Diane Henderson

I have lived in Kerikeri for 5 years, spent 3yrs as Facilitator for a group of 5 schools in and around Kerikeri and am now Facilitating a cluster of 12 schools in the Kaikohe and Hokianga area