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  • chrissy 07 Nov 2011 11:37am () in Take the 30 day challenge

    Kia ora

    I am the Facilitator of the Ruapani Cluster based in gisborne and we are in our second year of the ICTPD contract.  I would like to see my Principal add into the current staff and new staff's Job Description to have some e-learning skills or show energy around e-learning and that they are willing to be open minded to learn all the new skills in this 21st century.  We have Mainstream and Total Immersion in our school so being able to share on to each other no matter what language it is really works amongst our staff.   We have sharing time at staff meetings on how to upskill our staff.  It would be good to have a section in the application around e-learning so when the panel are going through the interview process there is a indication on what stage that person is with e-learning and are they going to accept the challenge to upskilling if need be.      I hope I have added some sort of input around how new staff should be recruited.    Being able to plan and assess using e-learning tools should be compulsory in all schools as it would be great evidence when reporting back to parents/staff/BOT/MOE.