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  • Justine Hughes 19 Mar 2015 7:00pm () in Most user friendly way people are managing class sets of iPads owned by the school

    I think I'm going to find this thread very helpful!  We've just purchased iPads for our two Junior rooms.  Arriving tomorrow!  The rest of the school will be a mix of Chromebooks and laptops.

    Looking for any advice about getting the iPad set up right the first time.


    Justine smiley

  • Justine Hughes 28 Oct 2014 11:45am () in Blended Online Communities of Practice to Sustain and Energise Teacher Professional Learning

    Hi everyone

    I'm not entirely sure this is in the right place so please let me know and I can change / remove.

    I'm finishing the last part of my Masters and have focused on developing effective blended communities of practice to sustain the fantastic learning we engage in during contracts.  It can be hard to sustain and increase the learning once the contract is finished.  

    I'm also really interested in the power of online communities, like the VLN, as a place where learning is created and any and all ideas count - no matter what your level of experience.  That's exciting.

    As part of my research which has been approved by the University of Otago, I'd love it if you have time to complete an online survey about Teacher Professional Learning experiences.  The survey is completely anonymous.  The link is:


    The link below is the information for participants for this research project - I'd love any feedback, comments on that too.

    Online Communities of Practice Information for Participants


    Thank you so much - in advance.


  • Justine Hughes 28 Aug 2014 10:53am () in Digital professional learning

    I'm really interested in this discussion as I was an 'early adopter' of online professional learning and am even more passionate about it now.  Completing my final research for my Masters where my focus is on Online Communities of Practice for teacher professional learning so I'm looking forward to reading what people add here.

    I've been on Twitter for a long time, blog about my practice and learning and run my own FB page to share resources and discussions.  This year I've also started curating the TeachThought Fb page with the goal of developing an online global community of learners sharing their practice.  Slowly starting to take off!

    I've shared my practice for many years in staff meetings, workshops, magazine articles and research shared online. This is one of my favourite parts of the learning process as the questions and critiques that come from sharing are what can change / modify and add to your practice.

    Balance is a tricky one.  I was always connected and working until a pretty major operation last year.  I've learned that it's pretty important to monitor yourself and try to achieve a balance.  Life is short and sometimes a wake-up call is needed!  (I still struggle with the balance though - old habits die hard!!  Plus I agree with Annemarie - I'm also passionate about what I do so it doesn't realy feel like a chore.  Love sharing with and learning from others) Laughing

  • Justine Hughes 25 Jun 2014 1:22am () in YouTube - Remove Related Videos

    This is the biggest pain of all!  I think with the original Quietube you used to be able to embed the video as well but YouTube soon 'wised up' and stopped / blocked / blew up?? this feature. Wink  I remember embedding videos using this back in about 2010.  Was absolutely brilliant.

    You can also add the Quietube button to your toolbar - I've done this before on the classroom computers etc. gets rid of all the loopy comments too.


  • Justine Hughes 06 Apr 2014 9:26pm () in iPads and google apps

    Hi Buffy

    Below is the link to my classroom blog, and an older classroom blog - there are some 'odd' messages on there as I became very sick in August last year and did not return to school.  Absolutely fine now though.  The notes on the sidebar of the blog explain our thinking around editing and posting on the individual blogs - we ran them as eportfolios and, as they were a record of our learning and showed our progress over time they weren't edited by me.  The progress in terms of achievement was phenomenal and this has happened in all classes who I've blogged with.  The quality of reader courtesy soon rapidly improves as they begin to understand that their audience - the real purpose for their writing - demands a certain quality.  

    It's important to set the blogs up well beforehand.  We created a rubric - initially with my Year 5/6 class that we used to critique a range of blogs to start with so that we knew what we were looking for in terms of quality - I've added the link for this too.

    The students, as part of their "Prep for Learning" - replaced homework and was far more motivating and engaging, had to complete certain posts during the week but could also add their own posts and content.  We always negotiated this and they always had a purpose for what they were posting.  

    Check out the 'About' section on the blogs - these were written mostly by the students.  I was always so proud of them!

    Please just ask if there's anything I can help with.  Blogging has proven to be a way of motivating even the most reluctant writers and is such a strong communication tool for teaching and learning.  The impact it has can be profound if it's set up well.

    Room 4 Learning Journeys

    The Team in Room 8




  • Justine Hughes 06 Apr 2014 5:58pm () in iPads and google apps

    Hi Buffy

    I'm not in the classroom this year but I've been a passionate blogger (using Blogger) with my classes for the past 5 years and am always happy to help set up, etc and support.

    Also came across this video from Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers fame - he's amazing and always has reliable info and tips and tricks.   This one is a video guide to using the iPad Google Drive app and it's really helpful.

    Please let me know if I can help with anything Blogger.  We had class blogs and individual blogs to record teaching and learning and I always shared my professional blog with the students too.


    Justine  Smile

  • Justine Hughes 02 Apr 2014 5:48pm () in Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule

    Hi Monika - couldn't think of anyone better to work / learn with!  Will email you soon. Smile

  • Justine Hughes 02 Apr 2014 5:47pm () in Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule

    This is such a quick reply and won't do your fabulous sharing justice Tessa - absolutley love it and will answer in more detail soon - crazy day.  Will be back later on.  Wenger is my key research provider.  All up I'm currently plowing through 83 readings!!  (Frustrating thing is that, prior to surgery I'd read quite a few - and even made notes on them - but I can't really remember them and some of the notes are complete rubbish!!!).


    Just love this community.  Back soon.


    Jus Smile

  • Justine Hughes 31 Mar 2014 11:41am () in Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule

    Hi Tessa - that's brilliant - think you so much.  Smile

    Yes, that's us - the website.  It's the FB page I'm trying to turn into a genuine Blended Learning Online CoP.  In the past it's been a repository, if you like, for posts which were really interesting and could have an impact on what we do in learning and teaching but there hasn't been any genuine interaction - just posts which have been 'liked' or shared.  Now we want to engage through discussion, having a wiki to store resources - this will be very diverse given the diverse nature of the global community on there (huge challenge!!).  We've got ideas about using Google Hangouts, etc to promote engagement.
    In the short time I've been running that side of things, we are starting to get more engagement which is fantastic.  We've also created a Google Doc for the community to add their Twitter details to - slowly growing and it will take time but I'm finding it's a fascinating way to incorporate my research.

    I'm really interested in your suggestion about using the VLN for an online CoP - might be more manageable for my research (and easier to figure out time zones - I'm sure I have a time zone disability of some sort!!)  I think an online CoP on here might be the way to go in terms of being able to connect people in more remote areas - or who are in sole-charge positions.  It would be fantastic if this could work - I've got my thinking hat on again for this one!!

    My ultimate goal is to create a blended learning Online CoP to meet current teacher needs in eLearning.  What do you think?  Possibilities?  Everything I've read about the most effective and rewarding CoPs lies around having a blend of face-to-face and online activities and participation.


    Justine Smile

  • Justine Hughes 28 Mar 2014 3:38pm () in Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule

    Thanks for the link - that's fantastic and I'll go and read it shortly.  With your permission I'd love to share it with the TeachThought community as well.

    I was having a think about the webinar and it might even be a good idea to set it up so that the teachers I'm learning with could join in as well - will get my thinking hat on with that one.  Smile

    The research was initially on around developing CoPs with students in a Year 8 class but, because I'm not n the classroom now as a teacher, I needed to change focus and adapt it to suit the community I'm trying to develop through TeachThought - added challenge in that it's completely web-based and global and there are 15k people in it.  Developing a CoP could be a very interesting challenge with those aspects.  (I'm completely challenged when it comes to time zones, so that's my first obstacle!!)

    Once this research is finished I'm still very keen to adapt what we do as adult learners in a well-functioning CoP to using this with students - of all ages.  Very excited about the possibilities and would so love to be able to develop and explore this in the near future.


    Justine Smile

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