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Chris's discussion posts

  • Chris 25 Nov 2011 11:31am () in How do you think our cluster project has gone?

    The ICT contract has been a fantastic tool to bring our school more into the 21st century. It has given me the ability nad research based theory to introduce new tools and to also push some pedagogical boundaries nad beliefs.

    It has opened up a new world for some, and it has developed further skills and knowldge for others.

    One of the best things has been a sense of my teachers connecting with others in our cluster in a way that normally wouldnt happen. It has encouraged more cross polination of ideas and pedagogy. Having some of my reluctant teachers giving things a go as a result of walkthroughs has been a fantastic way to push boundaries and theories. The most exciting was having all of the other schools coming to us, in the past our school has been a bit of an unknown entity and it was good to have other schools come and see we do things just like them, with a slightly different approach nad focus, but still doing the same! Hosting Tony Ryan too was a highlight!

    All in all the contract has been a highly positive element to our school nad i do hope that the cross polination will continue!