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  • Theresa Bosch 28 Aug 2012 10:01am () in Storage of shared departmental resources.

    Hi Rebecca

    After attending the Microsoft road show last year I was inspired to use OneNote as much as possible. We have a Staff shared drive but it is a minefield - OneNote seemed like the perfect solution to a number of issues we regularly face. I started setting up OneNote for myself and played around with various options and now we use the program for so many things, it has become part of the staff vocabulary.

    1. Staff training:

    It always bothered me that we teach our students in dynamic ways but yet when it came to training our staff we still stood in front of them and showed them ‘were to click’ and what to do. It is evident that as the abilities of our staff varies so widely it is unfeasible to support them in the same way.  We revamped our IT training by creating pages in OneNote with instructions on the specific topics listed below.  Now staff can access this support as they need it.  One of the first pages we show the new staff, as an example, is how to remote access into the school.  This is much safer than giving them a hand-out and expecting them to take that home with them. 

    As request come in we add to these resources and make sure what we have available for staff is up to date. 

    At the beginig of the year the staff were shown how to move their 2011 class content to 2012 on Ultranet (our Learning Management System).  Instead of standing in front of the staff and showing them how to do it, one of our ICT lead teachers briefly explained what staff could do and pointed out that the instructions were on OneNote.  The ICT lead teachers ask staff to notify them if they would like support or help to do this.  That way staff can be supported as and when the need arises. 

    We moved to KAMAR (our Student Management System) at the beginig of the year and as with the other tools we use, the instructions can be found on OneNote.  Our Database Administrator has uploaded the manuals and all other the instructions can be found on OneNote.  As we discover new functions or receive requests we add the support pages to OneNote. 

      We have even embedded video files with screen captures that we use to instruct staff. Often staff prefer to watch the video rather than try to make sense of instructions.  We feel it is important to use a blended instructional approach.  

    General tips and tricks are also put on OneNote and ….e-mailed to staff with a hyperlink.

      2. Staff Handbook

     We also use OneNote for our Staff Handbook.  In the past we were frustrated by the fact that there were different versions of the Staff Handbook in the Staff Shared drive and no sooner had our staff Handbook been printed that it was out of date. Having the Handbook on OneNote ensure the latest documents are accessible to all (It saves automattically so no need to worry that work will be lost and you can add write permissions thus preventing changes being made inadvertently.

     It is now easy for staff to access the Handbook and any relevant information as they need it. 

     The added bonus of having the EOTC (Education Outside the Classrom) section is that we know the latest information can be accessed by staff.  Being able to insert the EOTC request form within the document saves time in trying to find various related documents. 

     3.  Senior Leadership, HOF and Student Support Meetings

     OneNote allows us to set up agenda’s and then everyone with permission to the section on OneNote is able to contribute to the Agenda.  That way we don’t have to e-mail the Principals PA with agenda items, we can just add them to the agenda in OneNote.  In our meetings the minutes are typed up into OneNote and we have these available to us once we leave the meeting or even in the meeting if we have OneNote open on our machines. 

     We use the same system for our HOF meetings

     As well as the Student Support Meetings

    I have a PowerPoint that I can send you along with a page with screenshots if you are interested.


    Theresa Bosch



Theresa Bosch

Project Director for the Baradene College / ST Peters ICT PD Cluster.