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Paul Drummond's discussion posts

  • Paul Drummond 18 Nov 2011 4:38pm () in How do you think our cluster project has gone?

    The major successes have been: firstly the fundamental shift for many teachers around why and how we teach, and secondly living a model of connected adult learners.

    E-learning fits alongside  pedagogical belief underpinned by student control of learning, a 21st century curriculum, inquiry, and high student engagement. The foundation work with Tony and the curriculum conferences was critical. Regular challenges to teacher world views through the contract were successful for most. 

    The other major benefit has been the connection between schools and the collaboration of teachers. The opening of classroom doors to colleagues is the most obvious example and illustrates a shift in understanding of what effective PD can be. Making that connection in a cyber way in an authentic way is work in progress for some of us!  

    The legacy will be a continuation of cluster collaboration and elearning initiatives ably led by a able group of teachers. Thank-you.       

  • Paul Drummond 21 Mar 2011 9:21am () in Digital Citizenship

    We can't manage or control access to the web. Digital citizenship for me is teaching values that respect people , property and information in a similar way we would expect behaviour anywhere else. Just because I find money on the ground doesn't make it ok to keep. Digital ctizenship is still about what is right and wrong. Unfortunately like in the real world people have varying  appreciation of what that looks like!

  • Paul Drummond 30 Mar 2011 8:12am () in Digital Curriculum

    " Digital enquiry' sounds a little dodgy so I prefer the word curriculum! The word suggests that there is a planned syIlabus or course of work. It opens therefore the argument that elearning is not just a tool but a growing body of knowledge and skills that have accompanying values....digital citizenship.