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Tracey Gurney's discussion posts

  • Tracey Gurney 07 Aug 2013 12:19pm () in Dorothy Burt make us think.....

    Effective use of digital technologies means evoking radical change and changing lives.   For us to live in the digital world, why do we insist on children buying stationery......good point!  Our children live in a global/pubic environment we need to challenge our thinking and our practices to live, think and teach in that world with them..... Their family, whanau and iwi!

  • Tracey Gurney 07 Aug 2013 12:03pm () in The Big C's from Mark Brown....

    Children, challenge, collaboration, create, core belief, confidence and compliance.......Mark's points for us to ponder on our journey towards community engagement in our clusters.  Empowering......

  • Tracey Gurney 11 Nov 2012 8:40pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    Linda, I make a direct connection with you and your school!

    My school is also decile 2, and our students are certainly not from families who have access to ICT's at home either.  Therefore,  we have the moral obligation to teach our kids as much as we can, from as young as we can, about a range of ICT's.

    We had POD's at the back of classrooms which where shared between 2 rooms - great back in the day - but not any longer.  I personally have taken all my computers from the POD and bought them into the classroom, allowing us to use the space out back as a quiet, creative zone (kids had real ownership creating guidelines for the space's new use).  Staff are seeing the benefit of this and the learning conversations around ICT in the classroom has been fantastic!  So, we are in a phase of looking at how all the spaces can be redesignated with no cost.

    Fortunately for my school, we have a new ICT leader this year who has "written off" a load of clunky old PC's and ICT gear around the school and although our ratio of student:computer is not as good at the moment, we are building up to a better ratio of quality gear.  Teachers have compromised this year knowing our 3 yr ICT plan will cater to the ever changing world of ICT.  We also have the shared value/belief that ICT devices need to be mobile, so with this, it is easy to integrate computers back into the classrooms instead of the POD concept.  Staff also need to have the belief that ICT in integrated into the programme to enhance learning, not a tool that they go into another room to use for a prescribed piece of work.

    It is really easy to get hooked into the latest ICT fad, isn't it, but having a strategic plan around it's use makes decisions/purchases more meaningful.

    What do you think?