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  • DaveP 19 Nov 2011 9:26pm () in How do you think our cluster project has gone?

    Being a recent arrival to the Nelson teaching scene I have found the cluster to be a fantastic and supportive way of very quickly getting to know other teachers and getting to see what's going on inside their classes and schools (thanks so much to all the teachers involved for this!)  This would have been much more difficult and taken a lot longer without the sharing that the cluster has enabled and promoted.  I have enjoyed being part of the film festival (twice) and the flick it on project....It was great to see how the kids and teachers got stuck in, supported each other, developed and shared their skills...and at the end of it all even managed to produce something that both they, and student's parents, were proud of.  It certainly had its stressful and difficult moments but most worthwhile things do.  I would like to see the walkthroughs continue and i like the idea that was raised about possibly giving teachers a 'heads-up' ahead of time as to what might be going on so they can see if there is something specific that they are keen to go and see.  For me an important part of this whole thing is a pleasing shift in people's way of thinking of ICT as a tool to be used across all areas rather than just a seperate thing to be done during a certain time slot during the week.

  • DaveP 09 Apr 2011 7:12pm () in Community comments on blogs

    I try and promote the blog by including links to all the websites we use as part of our e-learning in class.  The kids use these live links at home a lot...especially the studyladder link as parents have been informed that this includes the 'set tasks' section that run alongside what is being targeted in class.  They check out the new additions to the blog while they are in there usually. We also include books we have enjoyed together. I also send a letter home explaining how to get into the blog and what it is for.  Then a few weeks later they get the address sent home again just to remind them that it exists. The children are asked most mornings who has gone into the blog...whether at school or at home and if they haven't then why not?   The blog is used as part of our independant work during guided reading and we follow other classes blogs.  I have always seen the blog as basicaly a bridge between school and home /  family. This was especially true when we had a Christchurch student with us and her family informed me that it was really helpful for them to be able to follow what we were doing via the blog.  Dave.

  • DaveP 24 Mar 2011 8:04pm () in Digital Citizenship

    This seems to be a discussion about 'applied ethics'....so basically trying to apply a kind of moral 'norm' or agreed upon common code of conduct in order to fix/resolve some kind of practical problem.  I agree with the general opinion shared here that there are simple values tied up with respect and responsibility that should be applied to all our conduct no matter what format this is in.  Of course it gets tricky when we have to decide who is judging or measuring this and deciding if it is right or wrong.  I know people who think that almost anything voluntarily shared on the net shares an 'implied right to copy'.  Do people have a right to post controversial opinions?  Who decides if actions are controversial or hurtful, just or unjust?  Philosphers have been hitting this ball around for many years.  Dave.

  • DaveP 24 May 2011 8:16pm () in Big picture attributes of (Digital Citizenship)...

    Emma has (as per usual) summed up our schools position nicely.  I have also discussed with my class how being a digital citizen is about more than keeping ourselves safe, which is what most of the kids came up with, but also about the golden rule of 'do no harm' , e.g not making negative comments about (or to) people or taking things such as music or images that don't belong to us, and about having the skills to make the most out of the technology that we can now enjoy.  We talked about how gaining digital skills can let us take advantage of the opportunities that computers and the internet have given us access to....and that a good knowledge of cybersafety lets us enjoy these safely.  I think it's also very important that we realise, and emphasise, how important the role is of our own personal values  as external ways of keeping ourselves and others safe seem to be struggling to keep up with changes in technology and the way people choose to use this...increasing cyberbullying being a prime example.