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Mary Rivers's discussion posts

  • Mary Rivers 04 Jul 2011 2:36pm () in How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

    Hi Karen. That is an issue that we have discussed in our school and Cluster in terms of all of our online presences (including classroom blogs/wikis). I attended a presentation run by Susie Vesper around this last year and it was a really great opportunity to think with more clarity around such issues as ownership and sustainability. I presented some of her core ideas back to my school, based on her presentation, and you can see a copy of this here: http://mantar.wikispaces.com/Blog+and+Wiki+Pedagogy  Our cluster as a whole bought this issue (based around this presentation) to their staffrooms so that it generated discussion and change within their individual schools. At Terrace End we have created a 'community organisation' facebook page that is not linked to any individual. We have been very careful to ensure the rights and privacy of our teachers are protected - particularly those who use Facebook for personal use - we believe there should be no cross over between their private use of Facebook and what we do as a school community. The email used for our school Facebook page is our administration one so that no one person has all ecompassing 'power' over the site. There are three of us who are able to monitor, approve and add to our Facebook page which ensures long term sustainability and progression in this area. We still have further development in this area but we were determined that the 'what ifs' will not prevent us from taking the next steps in reaching and engaging with our community. We keep our ear to the ground and watch what other schools are doing in this area and, when appropriate, use this to guide decisions and actions we take.

  • Mary Rivers 02 Jul 2011 8:05pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    I am also keen to see what turns up here. Our school is very much at the beginning of our e-learning journey and the 'black book' is quite firmly entrenched at this stage. However, I am iniatiating the move to doing our roll online and getting our daily notices online next term, so this will be another step in the 'right' direction. At present I don't use a folder and just use Word as there is no one to share with - will keep my eye on your developments.

  • Mary Rivers 02 Jul 2011 8:14pm () in How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

    Our school, Terrace End, has also begun a Facebook page this year. We are a low decile school in Palmerston North and many of our families do not have computers or any form of internet connectivity. However, we have completed one term of Computers in Homes which was very successful and we are finding that some parents from this are responding to our wikis and facebook page. I believe it is important to use any and every medium possible to reach our communities and this is just another tool to do so. Our next step is to find out how we can reach our families via text (bulk messaging) as many of our whanau do not have a home line and only use mobile phones. Finding a time and cost effective method is our challenge.