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  • BecPower 06 Nov 2013 2:19pm () in Gifted writers collaboration

    Hi Suzie - I'd love to but my class this year are only year 5/6.  I'm moving to a school next year that has Year 7/8 if you're keen to try and kick it off again in 2014?


  • BecPower 13 Aug 2013 8:41pm () in Collaborate to Create

    Do you have a project/learning adventure/exciting collaborative opportunity to share? 

    Please add your project details below, or create a group page if you have loads of details to share.  

    Lets get the ball rolling with a wonderful international opportunity: Rock Our World.  

    Do you want to be a part of the Rock Our World Adventure?

    A group of students at Governor's Bay School in Christchurch were the inspiration for this new international season of ROW!

    Drab2Fab is a movment to use art to foster a positive environment in our local hospitals/ retirement communities/ etc. ROW19 applications are due August 30!

    Deck The Halls with us!

    Contact Bec Power for more details - or just jump on in and fill in the application below!


  • BecPower 02 Jul 2013 8:21am () in Inquiry Learning

    Hi Susan - I like your honesty with the poos/farts etc topics lol, you're so right!

    Although I'm not teaching at Y7/8 in my current role, I'm lucky enough to work with a principal (Janice Gulbransen) who writes inquiry units, which may suit your needs? They're available online, and give a broad scope to inquiry learning through concepts, then moves towards differentiation/enrichment in the last phase of learning.

    Unfortunately they are not free, and I'm certainly not a salesperson, but they might be helpful as a starting point, which could lead you to developing some further own topic ideas?   

    We do use these as a model at Nayland Primary, however we write our own units, just following the binary opposites/conceptual understanding overview and the three learning phase model.  


    Anyhoo, hope it's food for thought!


  • BecPower 02 Jul 2013 8:05am () in Merging google accounts

    Oh thanks Roxy - I didn't know that! I was so sick of logging in and out each time.  Phew! Thanks for the time saver!

  • BecPower 14 Nov 2012 2:33pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    Our school is already using an effective school developed Strategic Plan for e-Learning, however we plan to review it, using the e-Learning Planning Framework in 2013.  When I looked through the enabling elearning website on TKI, I was excited to see two resources from the teachers at our school on there! Under 'Teaching' there is a link to Kellie McRoberts work with the e-Competencies, and under 'Professional Learning' there is a link to our schools learning on the Learning Without Limits series run by the Ministry of Education.  

    I look forward to the review next year, as I believe it will be an excellent learning opportunity for the entire staff, and will certainly begin paving our next way forward as a team.  

  • BecPower 04 May 2012 11:00am () in How can we get equipment into classrooms at a reasonable price.....?!?

    Hello helpful clever colleagues! We are a largeish primary school with 400+ kids.  We currently have 4 x pods of 4 apple macbooks and 1 x pod of ipad's.  We have 2 computers in each classroom - either  apple desktop/ibook/macbook  x 2 in each room.  We are looking to get some more devices to access the net.  Especially Knowledge NET, blogging, DLO's etc. & to use for easTTle.  Has anyone had success with  or can give guidance with chromebooks or netbooks?

    Can anyone give an example of what they're using & how/why?