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  • che luke 17 Nov 2011 3:39pm () in How do you think our cluster project has gone?

    I think team worked well together and the enthusiasm from individuals motiviated and encouraged each other.  

    The opportunities for all to share was terrific and the various approaches to sessions gave us an eclectic smorgasboard of information and opportunities to share back at our schools.

    I particularly enjoyed working with other lead teachers from across the cluster, learning and gleaning from their teaching and organising styles.  The opportunity to work like that seems rare when maybe it probably shouldn't be.

    I think there has been a wealth of knowledge shared both formaly and informaly.  From local cluster meetings to national conference trips it seems that social times are as important as the learning times for a team to be truely collaborative, successful and sustainable.

    The smaller groups for projects was terrific and a chance to explore some idea's in fields of interest was terrific.  I was pleased that the two groups did not join (although I think there is possibility of this in the future) because I think some of the intentions that were core to both teams success could have been 'lost in translation'.  As an example in the Genius Café we discussed a lot of ways the Genius Café could have looked and operated but when we referred back to the core national goals the Genius Café pratically shaped itself.

    The encouragement and opportunity to reflect on our progress has been terrific also.  Checking our steps as we went provided our own feed back and feed forward.  Just brilliant.

  • che luke 09 Mar 2011 12:04pm () in Whakatu Cluster Discussion

    Discussion forum for our cluster.

    Ask you questions here.

  • che luke 07 Apr 2011 6:50pm () in ipod touch vs digital camera

    An honest opinion please.  Your choice and a little EVIDENCE that supports your choice. Keep your answers as brief as possible. No fence sitters please.

    This is important and will be used as evidence in the future buying plan.


  • che luke 09 Mar 2011 12:09pm () in Cluster reflections

    Add your schools reflections here.

  • che luke 06 May 2011 3:31pm () in Big picture attributes of (Digital Citizenship)...

    I've actually found that the difference between a student participating as a citizen in school and a student participating as a citizen online (in a school environment) has been almost negligible.  The small incidences we have had where students are acting poorly or not participating are handled openly yet discretely as would be expected in any school.

    As students increase their presence online in a school context I really don't expect this to change too much.  

    Broadgreens over-arching theme this year "To role model what it is to be an adult", and the consequent thematic teaching that exists around this concept is existing online.

    I do like the fact that elearning is not a dominant feature in our school but it is certainly very present if you were to focus on it.  Having recently started a 'stock-take' of elearning taking place in our school, I am pleasantly surprised to find that I am accumulating evidence that supports my current perception that a digital citizen is not too dissimilar from Broadgreen Intermediate School citizen.

    If I was to label some attributes I guess these would exist in the teaching of our termly 'Virtues': Responsibility, reliability, friendliness, confidence, excellence, respect, self discipline and honesty.

    After our Tony Ryan visit we have started to move in the direction of developing our integrated plan around the key competencies.  I'm also a fan of Kellie McRoberts/Karilyn Cribbs e-competencies and believe these are key attributes that support the NZC when considering the development of a successful citizen.