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Anna Fitchett's discussion posts

  • Anna Fitchett 18 Nov 2011 11:31am () in How do you think our cluster project has gone?

    I consider the last three years a success.  The Lead and Support teacher group grew together well and we all became comfortable sharing our ideas and thoughts with each other knowing that we all come from different places and experiences.  Having the opportunity to work with teachers from other schools was one of the biggest strengths of this process and as Che said, is something we should be doing more often as professionals.  

    Teachers within our cluster have changed the way they view the use of ICT in the classroom programme and are less afraid of it as a tool.  Conversations in our staff room about ICT/eLearning happen and reflect a new attitude to the importance of it.  Our staff are also willing to try new things without fear.  Ensuring the focus is on learning and outcomes for our students rather than ICT time is an ongoing challenge for some but continuing the conversations will further develop understanding.

    The biggest challenge coming out of the contract is continuing to maintain the work and progress of the last three years.  As lead teachers move on to new challenges, how do we maintain the connections between our schools?

    From a personal point of view this process has been excellent for my professional growth and leadership skills.  I have developed a new understadning and approach to teaching and learning in relation to my learning throughout the experiences the cluster has provided.

  • Anna Fitchett 12 Apr 2011 2:39pm () in ipod touch vs digital camera

    iPod Touch - I love the options with the iPod.  It is better to get one tool that can do lots than many tools that can do one thing!  

    My choice anyway!

  • Anna Fitchett 12 Apr 2011 2:37pm () in Community comments on blogs

    I believe the main tools for getting parents on the blog are the kids!  If they are interested and want to get on it at home the parents almost have to have a look.  We encourage our kids to comment from home and school and this will also get the parents involved.  As Dave mentioned we have websites linked from our blog that the kids use at school and home to get safely to different sites.  This has certainly been used at home.  The challenge is getting the parents interacting with the blog.  So now it is my turn to look at how I share the blog with the kids so they are motivated to get on there at home and start contributing! 

  • Anna Fitchett 15 Mar 2011 6:54pm () in Digital Citizenship

    A successful digital citizen follows the same rules a successful real world citizen follows within the online context.  Or at least they should!  Currently the online world is developing so quickly it is hard to keep up with it.  The etiquette however has not always kept up and the 'private' world of the internet has allowed people to feel free to do as they please.  This includes things they would not necessarily do or say in the real world.  We're in a position where we can teach our learners the skills to become successful digital citizens and they can pass these onto the other people in their lives therefore become the educators.  Of course there are different rules/etiquette in the real world depending on the context and this crosses into the online world however we can support our learners to make good choices in both settings. 

  • Anna Fitchett 13 Apr 2011 8:07am () in Community comments on blogs

    Including in the reading programme at home and school is an excellent way to get them using it daily.  I am thinking about my kids that don't have access at home and how to balance this out with those that do.  Access before/during/after school on top of what is already happening?  Not sure yet.  First task is a survey of parents - who does have access?  

    6pm sounds like a good finish time!  Well done!

  • Anna Fitchett 14 Apr 2011 6:04pm () in Community comments on blogs

    That has me thinking now!  I've been getting our pod into the classroom so the kids can have access between 8.30 and 9.  I could try and combine this with a focus on getting parents on line.  Set up some kids to help them become followers, add posts etc.  Something to think about!