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  • KathC 06 Aug 2015 7:31pm () in Throw a challenge my way

    Hi, I was just listening in here and had a question, have recent iOS updates changed the ability to plug in and wipe an iPad? It has been about a year since we last had a problem with an unknown passcode on one ipad, and an iCloud account we couldn't sign out of on another. At that time we were able to wipe the iPad completely through plugging into a PC, and then just start again like it was new out of the box. So is this not possible anymore? 

  • KathC 18 Jul 2015 11:12am () in Gmail policy and procedures for students

    Hi Jane, we are 2years into our GAFE journey with yr3-6 students. What we do with our students before they get their email addresses.

    1. The students complete cybersafety unit based around completing www.digitalpassport.org 

    2. We send 2 documents home an explanatory letter and a gmail contract ( this used to just have Gmail rules on it but now is written to cover device use, gmail accounts and byod) 

    We do use Hapara teacher dashboard and I think that really helped parents to feel that we would monitor children's use. Good luck on your new journey. Hope the doc links are working.

  • KathC 19 Jun 2015 9:35am () in E-Learning books for senior readers eg, 12 years plus

    I agree with Tara, public libraries are the way to go. Check out your own local one as many of them now have access to various ebook libraries. The rotorua/taupo/eastern bays libraries are working together building access to books and have recently added an easy online registration to join and access to tumble books, which have heaps of chapter books, fiction and non fiction. The great thing is if you can use your local library it is usually totally free. 


  • KathC 28 Nov 2014 8:02pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    We followed the manaiakalarni clusters (PES) lead in having special school 'GAFE blog' accounts create all the blogs for the children, and then invite the children to be authors of their blogs, and each childs teacher is invited to be admin. This means a big job for the person setting up, but also means all the settings and privacy etc is standardised.

    So far this has worked well for us. 


  • KathC 28 Nov 2014 7:55pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    We have just been having this very discussion as we come to the end of our first year using blogger. In discussion with our board and staff we have decided to remove the childs authorship from the blog, to turn off further commenting, and to leave the blog as accessible in the www. The school will retain its ownership for now, in case in the future a child wishes this footprint to be removed from the web.

    We talked long and hard about child ownership, and the ability to keep adding to it, but decided in reality, that as primary school children they won't want to be associated to their primary school eportfolios socially for long. We figured as they move onto intermediates and beyond they will be asked to start new eportfolios if relevant to the school anyway.
    So as our paper portfolios go home static and finished for the year, our blogs will become closed and a finished product of their primary years when they leave our school.
    Of course this may change in the future if our intermediates and high schools ever wish to carry these on.

  • KathC 13 Aug 2014 8:07pm () in iTunes GST receipts

    I had another look, and must correct myself. It isn't a GST receipt, just a receipt. This receipt has been enough for our accounts person as proof of purchase alongside the visa statement. 

  • KathC 11 Aug 2014 9:34pm () in iTunes GST receipts

    You need to log into the email account that you used to set up your itunes account. Full gst receipts are emailed there when you buy apps. I have just gone through this with our accounts person after using school credit card, so hope it works the same for you too.

  • KathC 05 Jun 2014 7:29pm () in Password Recovery for students

    I feel for you. I know password recovery and constant changing can be a time consuming nightmare. As a classroom teacher of yr 5/6 I took the hard line early in the year, and once we had discussed and created our passwords the children were taught ( usually through some unfortunate 'fallguy' ) that their one job was to remember it, as I would not be recovering it for them. Especially not in any timely manner.

    After the first few forgetters were unable to use the computers, and were frustrated about not being able to join in, no one else forgot. 

    Of course after some squirming ( a few days) I did reset the 'fallguys' password, with a 'This will be the only time" and never had to do it again. This has worked with all my yr 5/6 classes. Of course the 1-2 children you have who genuinely don't ever remember anything, I make their password, make it memorable to them and remember it myself too. Passwords are only told back to children face to face.

    Many teachers in our school prefer to keep their own list of the classes passwords so they can just tell them when need be. Saves all the resetting. Teachers have managed this themselves.

    Personally I consider the ability to remember a password and to manage your own password shows that a child is ready to be responsible online, and is ready for their GAFE account. Inability to log in independently may be a sign that they are not ready yet?

    A key part of this is the child being involved in setting their own password that is memorable to them, so much easier to remember.

    hope this is helpful.

  • KathC 22 May 2014 8:26pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    Smartappsforkids.com   The site itself is a little tricky to navigate and find the latest entries, but I put my email in the subscribe/join box on the right hand side, and get a daily email, which doesn't take long to flick through to see if there's anything that suits your needs. As it's generated from the other side of the world occasionally the apps is no longer free by the time I read it, but most of them are.


    another ok place to get daily free apps is an App called ' apps gone free'  but not as good as smart apps.

  • KathC 21 May 2014 7:23pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    We have just started the same at our school. We were looking at getting our increasing amount of iPads (increasing from 25- 70) legal in terms of paid apps too.

    We are using Meraki on it's own, with vpp. Meraki is great(so far) it can be used on any computer, just log in (and even works through puffin browser on the ipad). Free apps can be sent out straight through Meraki To different iPads based on how you tag them. Vpp is used to buy paid apps but also to catch daily discounted and free apps. I buy 70 licences of the daily free apps that I can distribute at a later stage, no rush once it is in the vpp account.

    i recommend Meraki. It takes a little bit to get each ipad loaded in the system, but is working well so far.