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Wendy Stafford's discussion posts

  • Wendy Stafford 22 Jul 2012 9:50pm () in How do you curate what you find on the web?

    I love PINTEREST - it has an app for iPad also. Great for following other like-minded teachers and a fantastic visual reference (itemising specific things).

    Only2Clicks is my number one bookmarking tool, again allowing me to categorise and again stores information VISUALLY. Only2Clicks also provides a private page option so you can keep some things to yourself (I use this when sharing my account with students). In a classroom setting I have created a classroom account and labelled the categories according to student groups (eg reading, writing, math groups) and put the online tools I want those children to be using on their own page... give it a go, it only takes two clicks.Laughing

  • Wendy Stafford 11 Jul 2011 7:58pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    It looks good Tara - unfortunately Google wont play ball with me so I'm unable to create for myself tonight - hopefully it's just a glitch and I'll be able to hook up tomorrow??? 

  • Wendy Stafford 10 Jul 2011 8:56pm () in Putting the 'e' into 'elearning': How might a website support you?

    I look forward to seeing what is submitted here.

    I am currently holding workshops within our cluster in support of integrating e-learning effectively in our classrooms - empowering teachers and helping to get things rolling easily.

    I have developed a 'follow-up' website for teachers to use after attending these workshops.

    The most popular being 'Units @ the Click of a Mouse'

    These can be viewed at www.wendysworkshops.weebly.com

    Alternatively... I have a pretty extensive classroom website which provides my students with follow-up activities, independant learning options, whole class teaching etc - feel free to check it out and feedback as to whether it meets elearning integration effectively: www.great8s.weebly.com

  • Wendy Stafford 10 Jul 2011 8:51pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    In reading this discussion I wonder if it would be worthwhile developing an access database purely for this purpose? OR are you all looking at having your planning accessible to others via the web.

    As an aside, I used Google Calendar but have recently moved to KeepandShare... you may like to check this out and see if it provides more options in regards to planning than what Google Calendar currently does. 

    The school I am working in at the moment uses Teachers PAL 21C (a planning and assessment tool) - not sure if this fits in with your discussion but if you'd like to know more, let me know and I'll share further (nb: you wont find the resource on the web yet as it has been developed specifically for our school and in the initial stages of being developed externally).