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KSanders's discussion posts

  • KSanders 08 Aug 2011 4:01pm () in eTeach HUB Group meeting two reflection

    Hi Florence,

    Great to hear this is happening at MAC.  Keep me posted on your progress.

    A Digital Literacy Surevy that we have created that you may be interested in can be accessed here: Digital Literacy Google Form

    If you select: File-Make a Copy you can 'own' a copy of the survey and edit to your hearts content to meet the needs of the survey you wish to create for MAC staff

    All the best


  • KSanders 08 Aug 2011 3:17pm () in eTeach HUB Group meeting two reflection

    Thank you to all of you that attended the session today, please take a couple of minutes to reflect on our first two sessions considering the discussions we have had, the resources, readings and ideas shared and next steps or considerations for you.

    Even if you have not attended both sessions but have accessed the readings, please take the time to post a comment reflecting to assist you with your thinking and to assist us to continue to meet your needs