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Annette Barnett's discussion posts

  • Annette Barnett 04 Nov 2012 11:32am () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    Last weeks webinar was a great start for our thinking for next year. Our DP ( who has just been appointed Principal for next year)  had seen the framework but was only using it as a general guide for the ICT team.  So we discussed how we could go about starting this for next year so that all staff had some input. I wondered exactly though where/how we might start? It does seem like it would need careful planning to ensure everyone has buy in.

  • Annette Barnett 28 Oct 2012 8:24pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    I agree with your 'snippet' Tessa. 'The cause of resisitance to technology is often misinterpreted'. Some teachers I know find it hugely threatening if they don't know how to teach everything step by step. It makes them feel like failures because they have always been the ones in control. And the same people can't even begin to think about letting the kids 'explore and find out' or worse still letting the kids teach you!! Of course this is all about change as your snippet also suggests and there in lies the rest of the probelm....

  • Annette Barnett 17 Oct 2012 6:43pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    After looking at the e-LPF I too was excited about how this could be used in our school to set future goals for staff and students. I asked our DP a few weeks ago if he had heard of the framework and he said he was using it as a basis for planning with the ICT team but on a very small scale. Today he was appointed as the new Principal for next year, so after congratulating him on his appointment, I asked if we would be adoptng the framework on a more in-depth basis, which he agreed he was keen to do.  

    After reading the process that needs to take place for whole school buy in, I would think it is something that needs to be discussed by management and staff ASAP in order to put into next years implementation plan, and now that we are both on board hopefully this may happen. We did an ICT  PD contract a few years ago, but I feel without the drive of the wonderful facilitator we had, that some teachers have lost inspiration. I think the e-LPF would give future focus for all and where necessary insure that teachers become up-skilled using the many support services available. Looking forward to some changes for 2013!