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Pete Graham's discussion posts

  • Pete Graham 30 Jul 2012 11:27am () in Modular Courses

    There has to be merit in this idea. It could broaden the exposure of both students and teachers to online teaching and learning (they need only commit to a module rather than a whole-year course). I guess a potential barrier would be school structures, it would be logistically challenging to fit an online module into school programmes in a coordinated way.

    This is not insurmountable and would probably provide a much-needed healthy kick in the right direction to making learning more flexible and personalised Wink

  • Pete Graham 30 Jul 2012 11:16am () in Monitoring your online programme

    Several WestNet eTeachers do their own exit surveys, still ad-hoc and results not widely shared. I see this as an area of need and something to develop over the remainder of this year to inform 2013 courses/eTeaching. A wider VLN collaboration would be invaluable.

  • Pete Graham 29 Jun 2012 9:48am () in Communication

    I tweet a bit (@westnpete) - but mainly use it to follow peers as a PL resource - strting small, but growing. eLearning people I currently follow include Darren, Ken, Michael Barbour, Julian Ridden (Moodler) and David Kinane. I find it invaluable as a reference source via weblinks, but it's also a neat way to communicate what colleagues are doing daily. David Kinane (@dakinane) tweets multiple times a day summarising what he's up to like this:  "working at ----school today with SMT on eLearning strategy.." - If we all did that and followed each other it would help build community and collegiality in our dispersed group. We should agree on and use a few common hashtags: #VLN maybe? (though I note this is used by a motor-racing organisation in Germany - Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring ;-)