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  • Rachel Boyd 12 Nov 2013 11:31am () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    The eLPF is a valuable document for self review and moving forwards in planning/resourcing/teaching/learning etc with schools.

    Previously I have had similar plans for schools, looking at leadership, professional learning/development, teaching/learning programmes and technologies/infrastructure.

    What I got most out of the eLPF was the focus also on 'beyond the classroom' as well as the above. This keeps us open to the possibilities of collaborating (locally, nationally and internationally) and puts a plan in place for engagement "through and about" technologies, with a great focus on partnerships.


  • Rachel Boyd 12 Nov 2013 11:11am () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Key question: how can principals take an active role in their school’s strategic planning to use technologies as part of effective teaching and learning?

    As much as possible Principals need to take an active role in this area. It's great to have an ICT team, but it is very difficult for the team to be successful if not supported and 

    Principal's that believe in the power of eLearning and associated technologies to impact across all curriculum areas and to open learning up to all students whenever, wherever etc will have this detailled in their strategic planning. They need to see the value.

    The Principal as a learner is an important to be modelled and seen by staff. For example, the Principal could start a reflective blog on leadership etc. A great team in eLearning/ICT can then support and assist to drive changes in practice at school.

    As long as we are keen to keep learning and be aware of emerging trends and technologies a Principal and team of teachers can work together to change practice.

  • Rachel Boyd 27 Jul 2012 1:31pm () in iPad Security Devices for Library

    Absolutely sold on iPads as opposed to kindles for the same reasons as Melissa has pointed out.

    The thought of them being 'attached' is offputting... We are still at the stage where classes have times they go to the library etc rather than coming in too much incidentally... we're on the journey of the library being an info centre ;P

    Maybe I could look at more of an electronic buzzer type thing. We don't have door scanner type things. I wonder if there is something cheap out there? 



  • Rachel Boyd 27 Jul 2012 11:29am () in iPad Security Devices for Library

    Hi all,

    We are looking at putting some iPads in our library for student use - we plan to put eBooks etc on them.

    Currently we're looking to purchase some retractable security devices for the iPads - kind of like they have attached to electronic devices in stores like Dick Smith/Noel Leemings etc. We have a librarian who is not so tech savvy and is extremely worried about the devices 'walking' or being stolen. We hope that some sort of system like this will assist here. A plan currently is to create a couple of couch-like reading areas around where the iPads are located.

    Before you ask - of course we have plans for other iPads etc throughout the school etc that will not be physically locked down and will be freely moveable etc but we're particularly looking to use this next lot of iPads in the library. 

    Suggestions invited :)

  • Rachel Boyd 01 Nov 2011 10:46pm () in Do principals really have time for a PLN?

    A question I would like to bring up (and I am speaking from a non-Principalship role here) is when do Principals actually get to access PD on areas like this - establishing a PLN?

    Shockingly most of the "eLearning/ICT" based courses available to Principals through the Ministry I have seen have been "organise your files" or "how to effectively use the Internet" type workshops. That may be good for some, but if you are a principal not part of an ICT Cluster, what workshops/PD is available at more advanced levels?

  • Rachel Boyd 01 Nov 2011 10:42pm () in Do principals really have time for a PLN?

    Hi all,

    A while ago I created an open (public) google doc to categorise NZ based educators on Twitter. It has sections for Principals/DPs/APs etc that you might like to look at. There are lots of great leadership minds on there to learn from!

    It is also open for anyone to edit, so if you are a "twit", feel free to add your details!


    My presentation (aimed at eLeaders) on establishing a PLN online (for newbies) may also be useful, feel free to take a look and share.



  • Rachel Boyd 27 Jun 2011 7:53pm () in How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

    Hi all,

    I have had a Facebook page for my school (Waiuku Primary School) since October last year.


    We began last year trialing it with a few select parents (mainly some involved in the PTA and some in from my class).

    We launched properly halfway through Term 1 this year and are now up to 70 "likes". It is a long journey. Parent education is important too, I know many parents/caregivers who think that "liking" our page will somehow (like being friends with someone) allow us to see into their personal lives!

    Last year I trialed automatically cross-posting our blog posts on class blogs through to our Facebook account (each class has a class blog). That was highly successful and now that all our 2011 blogs are running well I am going to do the same this year as well.

    Comments on the page are open, and monitored by two staff who are admin (I am one of them). Parents are tentative to comment at the moment, but as our followers develop I can see this increasing.

    The value of using Facebook to connect with our community was only cemented as I watched Waimari School in Christchurch (http://www.facebook.com/waimairi) effectively use Facebook to communicate on a timely basis with their community updates regarding children's and the school's safety in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes. Comments on the page compliment and commend the school in their efforts to keep everyone informed and have obviously reduced worrying and stress for their parent/caregiver followers. An absolutely stellar effort from Mike Anderson (Principal) and the team.

    Tips I would leave people with is:

    • Only start a school FB page with senior management (and BOT) consultation & participation
    • Have a clear purpose detailed for the FB page
    • Have several (two or more) trusted staff members as admin on the page - ensure you have discussed professionalism etc
    • When the page is up & running well, link it to the school website & publicise it in the school newsletter
    • Leave links on "non official" school FB pages inviting them to join the official FB page (as mentioned by Tara)

    Happy Facebooking! and feel free to come over and check out Waiuku Primary's page online too :)

  • Rachel Boyd 27 Jun 2011 8:34pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    Hmmm I would be quite interested in people's thoughts on this too.

    Most of my teachers who have moved away from their black folders are creating their weekly planners in Word (and often hyperlinking to their unit plans for each subject etc). I thought about using Google Calendar but I just can't put in the detail required.

    I have ended up creating a template of the week in word and turning it into a google doc. I have a different doc for each week currently. I can then share my planning with others (or print it!) if need be. Next term, I will see if I can format everything so all my weekly planning for T3 can be in one google doc.