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Iain Cook-Bonney's discussion posts

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 30 Nov 2011 2:32pm () in What are you doing in your school?

    Hi, we are looking at implementing BYOD at Tahuna Normal Intermediate here in Dunedin next year. Currently we are investigating upgrading our wireless network with the view to install a system that would support this. We have investigated the Ubiquiti and Ruckus systems, but have heard that Aruba networks support BYOD very well.

    What are your schools using and how is it panning out for you?

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 13 Nov 2011 6:50pm () in Sharing files from iPads - videos from Camera Roll

    Hi guys,

    I use an app called 'Files Connect' on my iPad, it lets me connect to any school server or network computer and lets me copy files to and from my iPad. It also turns the iPad into a wifi drive as well.

    I can acces anything in the camera roll, music folder or in the dropbox the app creates. I can also access google docs, Facebook etc as well.

    The app costs about 6.50 but it was well worth it in my case.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 17 Aug 2011 10:15am () in App Sharing

    No, you made need to check proxy settings. Most proxies stuff up in-app purchases on ios devices.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 12 Apr 2011 10:21am () in App Sharing

    My current favourite is Puppet Pals, came out for iPad orginally, but has now been released for iPod/iPhone! Cool. 

    Puppet Pals

    My kids just love making digital stories using this tool. It's well worth getting the 'Director's Pass', as it gives you all content, plus all future updates and the ability to add your own custom backgrounds and characters! I've put my kids on there, and they love having adventures with pirates, zombies and aliens...

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 26 May 2011 8:32am () in App Sharing

    For those of you who loved Puppet Pals, here is another free app in a similar style. Sock Puppets lets you create short animated movies using digital sock puppets. The thing that I really like about this app is that the puppets lip sync to your voice!


    It has sharing options for Youtube and Facebook as well.


  • Iain Cook-Bonney 01 Jul 2011 10:05am () in App Sharing

    I found this app the other day, and showed it to a learning support teacher who loved it! Great for early literacy and such a beautiful app. Does cost to buy extra books but they are quite reasonable at $2.59 or so