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Iain Cook-Bonney's discussion posts

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 14 Apr 2016 9:00am () in Scanning

    Hi Susan,

    If you scan the book pages to image or pdf using the Google Drive app, you could then use the read&write for google screenshot reader extension to read out the pages to your students.


    Iain Cook-Bonney

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 24 Aug 2015 3:52pm () in WordQ equivalent for use on Chromebooks

    Read&Write for Google has free premium access for Teachers, you can sign up here. It is the closest thing to WordQ, and better in so many ways :)


  • Iain Cook-Bonney 25 Aug 2014 8:21am () in How can I put a google play account in credit


    We use a prezzi card to pay for Google play apps. Works a treat.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 08 May 2013 11:14am () in Locking settings on an ipad

    As far as I know, you cannot do this as you want to. The best solution is to use restrictions and guided access.

    Meraki systems manager is awesome, and will let you set up the restrictions across all your ipads.

    I agree with Leah, I find that the guided acces works really well with junior students, and it keeps them focussed on the app that they are supposed to be using!

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 20 Mar 2013 11:02am () in Speech to text for Ipad2 and IOS 6

    Hi David,

    Easy. Go into the iPad Settings. Then if you scroll right down to the individual application settings at the bottom you will find Paperport Notes. Change language setting there. Works much better with Australian English, still have to speak a little slowly for best results.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 20 Mar 2013 11:00am () in Speech to text for Ipad2 and IOS 6


    I have used the app with YR1-8 students. When working with junior students, it's often in a shared teacher-student setting, rather than independant use.

    And yes, it is on all our ipads. Very useful for teachers as well!

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 18 Mar 2013 11:49am () in Speech to text for Ipad2 and IOS 6

    Hi Chrissie,

    We use it in a variety of ways. It is a great note taking app, has integration with google docs, dropbox etc. You can create text-boxes and add images to them, stickies, annotations etc.

    It also has a couple of features that make it unique. It has the speech to text engine, great for reluctant writers or those that have trouble using the keyboard. Also great for those who are oral speakers rather than writers. I can get more from them using this app than I would using anything else. They can talk about their experiences, written work and it does the work for them. Then they go and proof read it! 

    It also has an OCR function as well. This means we can take a picture of someone's writing and it will turn it into editable text. It doesn't handle handwriting that well at all, but I have used it to turn newspaper articles into text for students to rewrite. Exploring other uses still!

    And free...

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 15 Mar 2013 10:33am () in Speech to text for Ipad2 and IOS 6

    Hi, I use an app called Paperport Notes (Free!), this is a notetaking app which actually has the dragon dictation engine built in, and when you set the speech for Australian English, works remarkably well. Works just fine on IOS 6.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 08 Nov 2012 9:20am () in App Sharing

    An app that I have really enjoyed getting into is Creatorverse. Built by Linden Labs ( the folks that brought the world Second Life), it is a physics, machines, levers kind of thing! Best shown by watching the video below. I found it was great for juniors, looking at discovery, experimentation and creativity. Seniors can get under the hood a little more and explore the physics side of things, create complex machines and even games (I made a pinball game and a platform game in about half an hour!)

  • Iain Cook-Bonney 03 Sep 2012 1:25pm () in App Sharing

    Hi Guys,

    My latest find is both an app and a website. At Tahuna we have been using the Aurasma app to add some interactivity to things around the school.

    Aurasma is an augmented reality app that lets you view and build overlays (called Auras) for real world objects. The difference between String and Aurasma, is that Aurasma lets you build and use your own trigger images.

    For instance, we have used the new school logo on the signage around our school. Visitors can point their iOS or Android device and it plays a video and provides a link to the school website.

    We have also been working with the school librarian to create video book reviews which are posted to youtube and are also built into Aurasma Auras. This means that when kids point their device at an augmented book cover, the video book review pops up over the top for them to view.

    Huge potential here, and we are just scratching the surface. We have signed up with Aurasma as partners so that we get access to the online Aurasma Studio which lets us create custom Auras. All this is free!

    Still confused? Download the Aurasma Lite app, subscribe to the Tahuna Normal Intermediate channel, and then point your device at the following pictures...





    Big Nate