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Merryn Dunmill's discussion posts

  • Merryn Dunmill 28 Feb 2014 9:51am () in App Sharing

    This video and discussion on iPads and music apps such as Rockmate shares great strategies and shows not only fantastic student engagement for ALL students no matter their dispositions, but also learning and assessment that are completely integrated and fun. Step back teachers and let your students be creative, learn life skills, cross the curriculum and develop their problem-solving as well as musical capabilities. 

  • Merryn Dunmill 25 Sep 2013 9:00am () in Christchurch Leading Effective e-Learning Forum

    Is the date for this 13th November? Can't see it anywhere Wink Looks great! 

  • Merryn Dunmill 20 Aug 2013 10:24am () in Professional learning in the digital age | Opportunities and challenges

    This is a great discussion! People may be interested in what is happening in the Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) programme and online community.  Information about VPLD is also available on its VLN group space.  This programme offers ongoing, online mentoring to suit individuals and schools. The VPLD programme evolves over 3 years with participants developing their own mentoring skills, thereby impacting on others. A highlight of the programme is an annual shared face-to-face hui where participants and mentors join forces to share professional ideas and reinforce connections made virtually through the online community of practice, online mentor meetings,  newsletters and webinars. 

  • Merryn Dunmill 29 Nov 2012 10:30am () in Greatness is a lofty maunga

    Would you be ok to share this on the VPLD Ning site Sonya?

  • Merryn Dunmill 29 Nov 2012 10:27am () in Greatness is a lofty maunga

    I too will be sharing this fabulous film - loved the reo, the concept, the dramatic effect, the positive message and the MUSIC - awesome! 

  • Merryn Dunmill 08 Nov 2012 9:17am () in Mihimihi / Establishing Connections

    Tēnā koutou katoa

    Ko Aoraki taku maunga

    Ko Waimakariri taku awa

    Ko Charlotte Jane taku waka

    Ko Ngāti Pākeha taku iwi

    Ko Te Maru taku kainga

    Ko Brian taku hoa tāne 

    Ko Merryn Dunmill taku ingoa

    No Ōtauatahi ahau

    He kaimahi ahau mō CORE Education he Digi Advisor Project Leader/VPLD mentor au

    No reira

    Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa

    KIa ora mō to pōwhiri ki a au

  • Merryn Dunmill 16 Aug 2012 12:06pm () in Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Catriona - I really like the professionalism built into your business card strategy with the job description of Blogger. This is a great way to instill digital citizenship from the get-go and have all treat the task seriously. 

  • Merryn Dunmill 26 Jul 2012 1:30pm () in How do you engage all your learners?

    Sorry I was in an aeroplane at the time BUT I was lucky enough to have two days this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) working with Sam, Lorena and Angela and the students at Fraser High. We filmed a lot of reflective discussion to include in a Snapshot of Learning based on this project. The school - staff and students - are indeed passionate, dedicated, fun-loving, creative, expressive, and all-in-all switched on! Thanks Sam for a great two days in your classroom. 

  • Merryn Dunmill 28 Jun 2012 3:21pm () in Inspiring stories of ICT integration

    The discussion around augmented reality is fantastic as we progress towards new interactive virtual technologies in the classroom. THe Hit Lab in Christchurch has developed a brilliant, free, augmented reality app called cityviewAR for android mobile phones. We used it last week at our national VPLD and Digi Advisor hui held in Christchurch as we toured the city so we could see what buildings WERE there, read about the history and take photographs all at once, of the very spot the building once stood simply using our phones. 

    People who are not in Christchuch can still see the content as if they were there by enabling fake GPS location feature in the app. Very cool.

  • Merryn Dunmill 17 May 2012 1:09pm () in Hello and welcome!

    Brilliant work here Suzie. I'll post the link to the Gifted Online mailing list I belong to as they have much to offer here and many will want to join and share with the focus on resources and pedagogies appropriate to utilisation.