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Roimata Baker's discussion posts

  • Roimata Baker 16 Sep 2015 11:54am () in Presenting student work on big screen

    We use Chromecast.  Sometimes the Chromecast has gone for a walk and students have simply plugged in an HDMI cord from the tv screen in their class to the portal in their Chromebooks. 



  • Roimata Baker 07 May 2015 4:10pm () in Digital Technology NCEA 1


    While I am not new to digital classrooms, I have for the first time taken on a small NCEA Level 1 Digital Technology class and wondered what success teachers have had in using Google Apps to teach this subject.  How have you used Google apps and Chromebooks to teach Digital Technology at Level 1? Appreciate your feedback smiley

  • Roimata Baker 06 May 2015 7:27pm () in Screen Casting

    Screencastify is great and can be pushed out to all chromebooks if students would like to create their own screencasts.  Very easy to use, videos files are saved to the drive and very easy to share.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfucb1gy8VA


  • Roimata Baker 30 Apr 2015 11:20am () in Wireless Mirroring

    We use Apple TV.  Great for mirroring all Apple devices to our class TV.  Handy if you have a BYOD class.  I agree, Chromecast are also great.  Ideally, you would have both plugged in.  Chromecast will mirror any Google android devices including mobile phones and chromebooks.  Just means you'll get the most out of your screen.  They're not that expensive and would replace clunky old digital projectors.  Having said that, if anyone has an old overhead projector do let me know. I have a young artist with zero budget looking for one. 

  • Roimata Baker 30 Apr 2015 11:13am () in Mim eee OOOOOO

    I met an awesome facilitator who was keen to pick up a smartboard to assist with workshops she ran for teachers.  She is based in Waikato.  How old is the Mimio? Let me know if you are still looking for a new home for it.  



  • Roimata Baker 18 Mar 2015 8:25pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    I use Planbook and I love it.  I can add events, no school days, bump lessons forwards or backwards.  There is a notes and homework tab for every lesson, even a tab for adding curriculum links.  I can add attachments or Google Drive links.  There is a share lesson function for other teachers.  Even students can be given a code to view their teacher's planner.  Our principal is able to drop in on our lessons to read and comment.  They are also working with Google for seamless continuity meaning Google calendar and drive can be integrated.  

  • Roimata Baker 10 Sep 2014 3:51pm () in Anti-theft / Chromebook Locator Apps

    Is there an app out there that enables us to locate a stolen chromebook?

  • Roimata Baker 28 Aug 2014 7:42pm () in Digital Literacy Progressions

    I am so inspired to read this Hamish.  Are you blogging about this journey? I wish you all the best and hope all goes well. What an awesome direction you have taken.  Not for the faint of heart haha!

  • Roimata Baker 12 Aug 2014 11:04pm () in Chromebook & Android Device Recommendations

    Hi Hamish

    What was your experience with the Acer netbooks?

  • Roimata Baker 04 Aug 2014 1:38pm () in Chromecast

    We have the same Aerohive set up as well so we too are keen to hear if anyone else using Aerohive have worked out how to connect their Chromecasts.