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Toni Twiss's discussion posts

  • Toni Twiss 25 Jan 2012 11:40am () in Appraisals and technology

    Hey Gerard

    This is an impressive summary of the purpose behind your professional reflections.  I think that the most valuable thing about going digital is that each piece of data is discrete and shareable.  Like you mentioned about some of your posts remaining as draft - ie. for your eyes only.  


    I was wondering who else you were sharing your reflections with and what sort of feedback you were getting?  And I was also wondering if your students were privy to your reflections and if you encouraged them to provide you with feedback also?  These questions maybe apply more to MyPortfolio than your blog maybe? Depending on if and how you separate out these two online spaces.


    Also, curious to know if you have tied either of these spaces to the new RTC?  I personally think tagging would be an excellent way to do this and would give you a nice clear overview of where the stregths are and where there may be gaps to focus on...



  • Toni Twiss 03 Oct 2011 1:10pm () in Haere mai and welcome - we are live!!!

    Congratulations to you and the team, Karen!  Looking forward to sharing this wonderful resource with teachers and schools.



  • Toni Twiss 03 Oct 2011 12:21pm () in Resources for a blended approach to learning about Science.

    The Science Learning Hub is a resource I know of that is available for schools.  I was wondering who is using it and how you are using it in your classrooms???

  • Toni Twiss 03 Oct 2011 12:19pm () in Resources for a blended approach to learning about Science.

    There are so so so many resources available online that we can use when learning about Science.  It would be great to read about what online resources are being used in different classrooms.

  • Toni Twiss 19 May 2011 3:52pm () in Adding 'friends'

    Hi All

    Just wondering how others are feeling about the idea of adding 'friends' - the term not the concept.  This has been an issue for a number of teachers and there has been confusion around the concept of a friend being more a connection within this context.  I tend to agree.


    What do others think?



  • Toni Twiss 19 May 2011 6:28pm () in Adding 'friends'

    Thanks Annemarie - it's really good to have a different way of re-framing it :)

  • Toni Twiss 20 May 2011 4:37pm () in Adding 'friends'

    Hey some great food for thought here!  I personally get the whole 'friend' thing in the context of this online space.  Initially I was surprised when people I didn't know at all wanted to 'friend' me - but as you said, Karen in the Facebook guidelines I went back and found what the connection was and realised we had a connection and we joined up.  Also, the term friend initially put me off connecting with people who I didn't know but did have a connection with as I felt that I was coming on a bit strong wanting to be their 'friend' - but I got over it pretty quickly - interesting I guess to acknowledge those initial feelings and note that the initial response is different for different people.

    My experience when introducing new people to this site is that I am hearing loud and clear that the term adding 'friends' is a major off-put for some.  I can see where they are coming from - many are new to online spaces and often don't have facebook or connect online with others so this is all new territory.  

    I will use this discussion forum as a resource to share :)

    Keen to hear others' experiences also.