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  • stephc 22 Feb 2015 5:59pm () in Introductions


    I'm Steph Campbell.  I'm DP at Hutt Central School Lower Hutt Wellington.  2015 will be my second year at the school.  I lead the Yr 5/6 team and have 2 days a week release from the classroom for my DP responsibilities.  Coming to Hutt Central is exciting but has required me to adjust my programme to cater for the different digital environment.  My previous school had more hardware and more things in place in terms of eLearning.  It has been exciting and challenging to lead change in eLearning in a bigger school. 

    I'm always excited by connecting with teachers and love the freedom that technology is giving us in terms of sharing resources.  The NZ teachers ( primary) facebook page has brought me here.  

    I hope I can add to the shared forum and thanks in advance for any info I will receive from the group.  Will endeavour to share and not lurke too much. 



    @stephcamp1  http://2getherin2015.blogspot.co.nz/

  • stephc 03 Sep 2014 9:40am () in FAQs & Helpdesk

    Would love some tips on how to introduce this to my staff in a light and not too overwhelming way. 



  • stephc 25 Aug 2013 9:03pm () in Issues with i-Movie exporting to You Tube, etc.

    Hi Mel

    Have had a similar issue. Are the clips bigger, there is an upper limit to what you can load until you have uploaded so many.  Not sure of the times.  Check the fine print.

  • stephc 20 May 2013 4:27pm () in App Sharing

    We are using educreations to record voice, writing, and images.  It is free, simple to use and best of all, very easy to copy the embedded code and paste straight to chidlrens' ePortfolios.  Love it!

  • stephc 07 Nov 2012 9:14am () in How does your school store and manage student data?

    Wondering what schools are doing when they have ePorfolios (or similar) using blogger and children are leaving the school and students are going to another location that is not supporting that platform (or any platform).   We are wanting to ensure the learning is not lost, however wanting to make sure the information is secure and also that our school is not linked to it any more. Is it correct that each account will only be allowed 50 blogs through blogger?  I know they can be downloaded and am assuming this is the best option but very keen to hear what others are doing around this. 

  • stephc 03 Oct 2012 8:31pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    I LOVE reading these entries from others.  It is so assuring, inspiring and informing to measure where we are at and what may be the next step for us. 

    My school is nearing the end of its 3 year ICT contract and there is always a fear that support will end when a major connections is lost.  We used the framework last year and it is definitely a tool that gains value by being used repeatedly as changes occur.  Our action plan is aligned with where we are at and where we want to head towards.  Our future focus clarified by the process of putting ourselves 

    Schools are diverse beings; populated by different levels of ability, differing attitudes towards change and varying passions for the future and how it can challenge what we know (or what we think we know).  Through an inquiry this year, I have focused on leading teachers to explore ways that encourage students to authentically reflect on their learning.  This process has brought to the front the variety of tools that are available to meet particular needs.  It has been the process of working through this together that we have explored tools and if they meet our needs.  Oh the power of collaboration.  Unpacking what we think effective eLearning looks like at our school takes time and a shared language.  The ability to visualise what many words mean and actually look like in practice is complex.  I applaud this document for engaging many in assessing themselves against a robust framework and ensuring all are able to converse using the common language. 

    The VLN provides many avenues to gain information and share, it is important for us to ensure we, as a team, are joining groups and getting information posted.  The webinars are invaluable (even if just watching the recording) to allow us to move as a group and have our own discussions around issues for us.  As we head into a BYOT trial next term, I very much appreciate the information and questions that others share. 

    We are on the journey, like all others, and the framework has been integral to informing our next step.  It will be key in us assessing if we are heading in the right direction at a pace that suits our learners.

  • stephc 14 Sep 2012 10:30am () in App Sharing

    Thanks  Catriona for that audio comment.  Shared it with my learners this morning:)

  • stephc 14 Sep 2012 7:53am () in App Sharing

    Catriona here are just a few.  An image of a student leaping across buildings in epic citadel and of course a little one who also wanted to do it.  ( my 4 yr old:)

    I try to engage my learners in the best tool for the job to create the best match with the Learning .


  • stephc 13 Sep 2012 8:19pm () in App Sharing

    Catriona, I've been using green Green Screne Studio with  increasing success.  Didn't love it initially because I too expect everything to measure up again the intstant alpha key.  However there is huge power in capturing all on one mobile  device and making it exactly how you envisaged.  It is an app as flexible as the mind of its creatorFoot in Mouth

  • stephc 13 Sep 2012 8:11pm () in App Sharing

    Have to share a fav app at the moment that has highly engaged many of my more reluctant writers. 

    Epic Citadel is a game interface that can be manoeuvred around and explored.   We used it in conjunction with puppel pals to enable us to put ourselves in the scene and reenact events.  We have been creating stories about what has happened and used our senses to explore the sounds, smells, adding detail to the imagery. 
    Oh, did I mention it is free!

    Here is a short clip made by a couple of my children to show case it to the school