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  • Fastpaddy 20 Sep 2015 2:04pm () in Resourcing how and why of e-Learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 2015

    Was this webinar recorded? If so, please will you send out a link.



  • Fastpaddy 03 Apr 2014 9:37am () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    We are a secondary school which have chosen MS 365 over GAFE because of the format comptability and familiarity of office apps (mainly for teachers). I have been informed that there is something similar to Hapara (teacher dashboard) for MS 365. However, being a long time GAFE user (unlike the rest of the staff at my school) I am finding the transfer to MS 365 very frustrating, especially when it comes to document managment - MS has a long way to go here.

  • Fastpaddy 27 Jan 2014 10:24pm () in Purchasing cromebooks for 1:1 computing

    Have you thought of two trolleys of 15 chromebooks each?

  • Fastpaddy 19 Aug 2013 2:14pm () in Google Apps vs Office 365

    365 and Google Apps will cost to set up unless you have your own techie on board, or a teacher who understands how to set the whole thing up. After that both are free. Of course, Microsoft is willing to sell you extras, but the education version of 365 is easily adequate for the needs of most schools. Google Apps is simpler to set up than 365. However, once either 365 or Apps is set up, there should be no difference in technical issues faced by teachers as the 365 system works much in the way as Google, using skydrive which is similar to the Google Drive. 

  • Fastpaddy 19 Aug 2013 10:53am () in Google Apps vs Office 365

    Both are good. 365 is more technical to set up in your school. However, beneficial if you have Microsoft Exchange server. I found that at our school, teachers struggled moving from one version of office to the next, so having a google apps document or spreadsheet which did not conform to  office formatting would cause problems with teacher take up - this has been the sole reason for choosing 365 over apps. Apps hangouts and circles are better than 365 equivalent (my opinion only).

  • Fastpaddy 01 Aug 2013 10:49pm () in School network support - who maintains your ICT network?

    Hi Rebecca

    We used to have a full time IT technician employed at the school. When he left we decided to look at an external organisation for IT support. We decided to go with New Era IT. We now have a technician for 30 hours a week. At the same time we went with New Era, we got them to source and install a new server and transfer all our records files etc over to the new server. While the technician employed by the school was very smart with computers, everything he did was non-standard. Unfortunately he was a barrier to learning rather than a support as he tightly controlled access. This has changed with having an external provider who have a service focus rather than an employee protecting his patch focus. The organisation also has access to expert advice and years of experience with school IT systems which helps as quite often they have seen it all before.

    Hope this helps

    Conor (St John's College)

  • Fastpaddy 08 Jan 2013 9:48pm () in MLEs and Office 365

    Hi Mike

    O365 will compliment your LMS, but there is functionality within LMS's not addressed by O365. The question I would be considering is what software/product/app will fulfill the learning needs of my students and support and compliment the way I would like to teach. LMS's like Moodle or LAMS are specifically designed to support, manage and monitor the learning of students. Applications like Google Apps or O365 are there to facilitate access to data, improve efficiency and promote collaboration. Hence the focus of each (LMS and O365) is essentially different but not mutually exclusive.

  • Fastpaddy 23 Jul 2012 2:44pm () in SCORM based assessment on Moodle

    Hi Tom

    Try this link. This is one on learning design which was uploaded into moodle.


  • Fastpaddy 23 Jul 2012 2:40pm () in SCORM based assessment on Moodle

    Hi Tom

    It was economics, but I think I have deleted the eXe file and removed the lesson from Moodle. I will have a look around our moodle site for any eXe scorm packages that have been uploaded.


  • Fastpaddy 22 Jul 2012 1:00pm () in SCORM based assessment on Moodle

    Yep. Have used eXe to create online content. Exported as a SCORM file and uploaded to Moodle.