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  • gareth scholes 07 Jul 2016 10:52am () in SMS - LMS etc.

    We have just changed from eTap to LINC-ED a new SMS. Staff response has been extremely positive and it is an extremely user friendly platform. Allows for ongoing online student reporting that pushes out to parents and both students and teachers can post these. 


  • gareth scholes 19 Mar 2014 2:24pm () in iPad Models - which to choose


    We purchased iPad 2's to be booked for classes and have since purchased 5 iPads Minis per class. When in a class and book the iPad 2's all students prefer these. 

    If you have a facility to share - Projector, Apple TV, LED TV then this is brilliant. Also cost comes in to the equation as you will get more iPad Minis than iPad 3, 4 and Airs. 

  • gareth scholes 23 Feb 2014 9:24pm () in Hiding Apps

    Agree. This is a part of the agreement for families for our 1:1 environments. 

  • gareth scholes 07 Feb 2014 9:01pm () in Changing from Data Projectors to TVs

    We have just received funding to put 50" TV's and Apple TV's through our 40 classrooms. As well as the issue with bulbs etc we have found that teachers are not having to close up all their blinds to share which they are currently with projectors.

  • gareth scholes 03 Sep 2013 9:57pm () in Computing Classes

    Hi Leigh, Computing classes? We have 4 Multimedia Classrooms at our intermediate school where each student purchases their own laptop. Is this what you mean?