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  • jesse callagan 03 Feb 2015 10:16pm () in Coding for Intermediate students

    Hi again, 

    check out this websiteUnder the Year 7 resources section you can find a series of step by step scratch activities. I think the documents were originally made by the uk codeclub but I couldn't find the original links. They give you step by step visual guides to complete a series of game coding activities. This guide will create the this game. You students can use scratch online so no special software is needed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email. 


  • jesse callagan 03 Feb 2015 7:47pm () in Coding for Intermediate students

    Hi Lynne

    If I were in your situation I would start out working with scratch. This is a very open ended visual coding tool which allows students who are just starting out to work on very simple projects to find their feet while more advanced students can work on developing more complex games and other engaging projects. It is free and has a very large online community so there are a lot of resources out there. I will use it with both Year 7 and Year 8 students after experimenting with it last year. 

    Jesse Callaghan