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Tracey Schumacher's discussion posts

  • Tracey Schumacher 26 Aug 2013 4:35pm () in Blogging with juniors

    Really cool discussion people.

      I am going to introduce blogging with my NE sometime ...soon, but which one should I use....blogspot? or Blogger? or another?  I realise each has its advantages but would welcome some advice before I  get started.

    Thanks :)

  • Tracey Schumacher 02 Apr 2012 5:13pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    I have had a good look through this snapshot and it really is great!  Thanks heaps Sarah.

  • Tracey Schumacher 12 Oct 2011 1:09pm () in One way that I'll be using ICT to support teaching in term 4 is.....

    .... to hook up our microscope to the IWB so we can look closely at parts of insects (wings, parts of the body etc) as my Yr 0/1 class are going to be learning about Living Things this term.  Then we can label them and do all sorts of other things! Of course we will also use Google (our favourite) to search for exciting images.  And we'll check out National Geographic for kids site to see what it has for us.



  • Tracey Schumacher 30 Aug 2011 8:59am () in Using IWB in a junior room.

    Hi All

    I love using my IWB for news writing.  I do it 2 ways.  Either the chn write the text and we discuss it as we go or we create the sentence together and I write it.  Then the chn highlight all sorts of features; punctuation, basic sight words they are learning to read, spelling words they are learning to write, spaces etc.

    I also use the 100's board a lot in maths.  It's really useful for counting in heaps of different ways.