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Tracey Schumacher's discussion posts

  • Tracey Schumacher 24 Mar 2015 3:18pm () in Modelling Books

    Hi Susan, 

    I agree with you about modelling books and students not able to refer back to them by themselves.  It does make it more tricky than at higher levels in the school.  So much in a NE classroom needs to be teacher driven so I make a conscious effort to go back over past learning with students to remind them what we have learnt previously. 

    I use my modelling books a lot for maths (at the moment learning about place value in numbers to 10 so is good to revise the 10 + __ concept).  I also use it for writing where I think aloud as I write my stories for them to follow and join in with, as much as they can.  We go over these very quickly at the start of each lesson, then move on. 

    I do write the WALT in  my maths book but have it laminated for writing as it is the same at the moment ( learning the basics.....finger spaces, punct etc) and I cant see the point of writing the same thing everyday!!

  • Tracey Schumacher 21 Mar 2015 7:59pm () in School Readiness Assessments

    We do pretty much the same as your school does Jo, although we don't test again at 10 weeks (that is a good idea).  I also do a 'Goodenough Man' (I think that is what it is called!!) sketch of themselves.  And I add a sample of the child's written language.  We also send home an "On Entry report" which is a wee report that let parents know how well their settling in at school, followed by an informal chat about it. 

  • Tracey Schumacher 11 Nov 2014 1:35pm () in School website

    Thanks everybody. Will relay your advice! 

  • Tracey Schumacher 03 Nov 2014 10:03pm () in School website

    Hi All.  We are finally getting around to getting a website but aren't sure who to go with to design and host it. We are looking at Spike at school but the monthly charge of $50 seems a lot for our small school. I dont know much about all this so can anyone let me know who designed their website and how much it costs per month/ year? Any advice would be appreciated!!

  • Tracey Schumacher 21 Jul 2014 2:10pm () in Using ICT in reporting processes

    Thanks for your reply way back in March Lisa. We are getting into Goggle Docs and it sounds like something our seniors could do too.  I like the idea of the presentation for the 3 way confs too. 

  • Tracey Schumacher 10 Mar 2014 5:39pm () in Using ICT in reporting processes

    Thanks everyone...has certainly given me a great starting point and food for thought :)

  • Tracey Schumacher 02 Mar 2014 7:25pm () in Using ICT in reporting processes

    Hi All,

    I have been fortunate in getting a sabbatical in term 3 - lucky me!

     I am wanting to find out how others are using ICT in their reporting to parents.  I'm not meaning using the computer to write reports ( we already do that) or using an SMS or LMS to create student reports....I'm wondering if anyone is using ICT in creative ways to report student progress to family and whanau.

    Would love to hear from anyone!  Thanks

  • Tracey Schumacher 14 Nov 2013 7:32pm () in App developers

    Great idea Allanah....I'll put that on my to do list!!!!

    That app looks like it has potential. Thanks

  • Tracey Schumacher 13 Nov 2013 8:03pm () in App developers

    Does anyone know how we can get in touch with a developer who can create a writing app like those on ipads?  I'm thinking if ones like educreate and book creator (???) but cant think of the others at the moment!!

    Maybe we need to get together and lobby for someone to create one as it really limits the usefulness of android tabs (when compared to ipads)

  • Tracey Schumacher 27 Aug 2013 6:09pm () in Blogging with juniors

    Thanks for that Josie. Food for thought!!