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  • Simon Robert Fuller 12 Nov 2012 10:30pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16


    Hi Alice

    Our college shares the same frustrations. 50% of homes have no access to the internet and the students actually have a reasonably low level of "up to the minute" IT literacy. This means developing a 5 year ICT strategic plan is increasingly difficult. A focus on using ICT for learning and life skills is an important foundation for this and it isn’t using the latest ipad/icloud thing it is as simple as carrying out the task of requesting their NCEA results online and giving them the skills to utilise the technology available to them to support their learning goals.

    I agree it is a constant battle for the students not to see themselves and their families as "backwards" compared to other students and colleges that use the latest gear. In this context we have to model 21st century learning or future orientated learning not just with the latest wiz bang technology but with the development of the skills and processes that can take their knowledge and use it to develop new knowledge when they have the opportunity to use the latest gadget.

    For me a future a orientated learner has the ability to use their problem solving process and inbuilt systems to be able to solve problems and learn how to use the new technology (whatever this will look like) by internally processing problems and finding expertise to learn the technology in a just in time basis.

    In a low decile context it’s about utilising the available technology to help support this development in students and by strategically planning the implementation of technology that will continually support and challenge students to intrinsically be able to create new knowledge.