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  • Mark Herring 29 Feb 2016 5:23pm () in Phone headset with iPad connection

    I found these on Aliexpress.

    MIC 3.5mm Retro Phone Telephone Handset For iPhone / iPad / HTC / Samsung PC Portable Classic Headphone FREE SHIPPING
    (from AliExpress Android)

    Could be an option? They look great.

  • Mark Herring 22 Feb 2016 11:55am () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    Hi Jamie

    Most of the time this solution has helped the schools I work with.

    I explain how to 'push' the apps from the Meraki dashboard on your laptop but also how to 'pull' from the iPad app. If you find the iPad that isn't receiving the app, open the Meraki app and open the 'apps' section you might see the uninstalled apps. Most of the time, if the iPad is configured correctly you can touch the missing app and it will 'pull'.

    It's not an exact science and from what I've heard, Apple blames Meraki and vice versa. Meraki is a third party application and needs some patience and perseverance.

    https://twitter.com/markherringnz/status/701540574013227008Here's a link to a picture I tweeted (in a smart phone view but it's the same on an ipad) of where to see the 'apps' section inside the meraki app.


  • Mark Herring 05 Nov 2015 10:24pm () in Using Meraki as an MDM? Changes to standard (SM) accounts

    Hi Sheryl

    I get asked to help with this all the time. I've made a short video that might help. It shows the 'using VVP codes' option rather than managed distribution which I find most people can handle quite simply.

    Watch for the last step where you choose the ipads to push to. If you have made some groups or tags of ipads and only want to send the licenses to some of the groups then use that function rather than the 'select all' that I use in the vid.

    Hope it helps.



  • Mark Herring 20 May 2015 10:12am () in Using Meraki as an MDM? Changes to standard (SM) accounts

    That's incredibly high! I can tell you right now that any school I work with will not be going over 100 devices then!

    How can they justify that cost? It's unbelievable. 

    Rewi - I might call you before I blow a fufu valve... 


  • Mark Herring 28 Apr 2015 9:00am () in Using Meraki as an MDM? Changes to standard (SM) accounts

    I'm in the same boat as Howard P - I'm advising schools that are using Meraki and some who are looking at setting up an MDM. It would be great to know how much it will cost, even if schools have under 100 devices, as they'll probably need more than that many licenses in the future.

    How much will it cost? We'd love to know. 


  • Mark Herring 13 Aug 2014 1:39pm () in iTunes GST receipts

    Hi Kath

    I'd LOVE to see a screenshot of that if you can get one? I've just been looking and I must need glasses... ha.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mark Herring 11 Aug 2014 9:05pm () in iTunes GST receipts

    Thanks, Gillian.

    So... is there no way to get a GST receipt if paying on a credit card? Seem's strange.

    Does anyone have this issue or been asked this by their auditors? Could be a potentially larger problem than we realise with the growth in apps in schools?

  • Mark Herring 11 Aug 2014 7:25pm () in iTunes GST receipts

    Here's a quick answer potentially and something I may have just missed.

    Our financial report recently asked if we could provide GST receipts for the apps we're buying. Is there one attached somewhere that I'm missing? All I can usually see is an email notifying you that you've bought them.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mark Herring 23 Sep 2013 12:27pm () in Printing from the ipad

    Our school has a Ricoh copier and we use smartdevprint without any hassles from our ipads.  

  • Mark Herring 10 Aug 2012 4:09pm () in e-Learning as inquiry | An Enabling e-Learning event

    We had a great chat in our staff meeting this week with one of our teachers about her T Inquiry. I had an 'open conversation' with her about how things were going and where she was going next. The feedback afterwards was about how powerful that modeling of reflection was for our staff. While it was pretty brave of her to allow that to happen (she was put on the spot and did an amazing job at articulating her thoughts) it showed us the importance of a collegial culture within your school.

    It's so enriching to have people share what is helping them move towards their goal - and how do they know it's working (or not).  BUT, it does work better when we have a level of transperancy and trust amongst the staff - sharing is the key! It's so enriching for everyone.