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  • Jan Coleman 21 Aug 2011 12:04pm () in PRT process via elearning


    Tawa Intermediate, Wellington



  • Jan Coleman 08 Jun 2011 11:59am () in How to help the 'technophobes'...?

    The best way I have found to get to these people is to forget teaching for a while and concentrate on something in their lives. I learnt a lot about growing saffron working with one teacher. We also made sure they had internet access at home. Searching, reading, emailing, photographic recording and even bloging helped them to do what they wanted to do. The learning about technology happened but was secondary. Once they see the power of working on something of real personal interest they often are then ready to use their new skills in their work. Remember the 80:20 rule. This 20% require 80% of the effort. Use stelth, bribery subdefuge or anything else you have to as long as you get results. If you do, they can be one of your best sales peopleWink

  • Jan Coleman 08 Jun 2011 2:12pm () in How to help the 'technophobes'...?

    Oh I completely agree with a level of compulsion. Having resorted to telling 1 principal many of his staff would fail to meet the (old) teacher professional stds one time I am fast losing patience with those who still expect help to do what I consider basics. We expect teachers to be able to read, managing technology should now be thought of in much the same way.

    For me the hard part is ensuring the changes in practice are sustained when the teacher is the only adult in the room. For this to happen they need to get to the point where they see technology as 2nd nature and really beneficial to learning. This means our task is to ensure they see the small signs and are not just weighed down by temporary setbacks & frustrations. Thats where incentives, resources and the action plan and plain determination come in.

  • Jan Coleman 15 Jun 2011 1:54pm () in Finding out where teachers are at

    It's the 2N rule for me. Nurture - Nudge - then Nag! And you wouldn't want me to Nag...

    Seriously though, when I have read the posts, I can't help thinking about what we do for slow/reluctant learners in the classroom. Do we attempt to label them and then treat them according to label? Talk about them in slightly derogatory/frustrated terms? Perhaps we do.  Are there similarities with the adult learners we are talking of?