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  • sharon fuemana 23 Oct 2012 2:30pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    Hi Kay,

    You have highlighted an interesting point with regard to e-learning and the importance of planning DATS to extend it beyond traditional methods of teaching.  Does this require a shift of thinking to avoid the automaticism of transferring traditional methods of learning to the e-learning context?

    I would suggest it does and after reading the e-learning framework it sets clear direction to do this.  A critical key is leadership and strategic planning which has a clear focus on professional development to support teachers to support successful student learning. 

    Others have mentioned in their posts the need to use the e-learning framework as a road map to review where you are at and from there plan next steps and how to get there!  Too often as teachers we are keen to get iinto the doing so that kids start leanring using the computer as a tool.  This can go either way - successfully or unsuccessfully which limits teachers confidence to keep trying.

    The e-learning framework is a brilliant tool to develop successful implementation of e-learning regardless of the schools starting point and context.

    NB. I made another post in replying to you Kay but have no idea where it has gone!!   Maybe it will turn up so I will not repeat myself too much Wink