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Angela Lindgreen's discussion posts

  • Angela Lindgreen 02 Oct 2012 10:16am () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    I really enjoyed participating in the webinar, and it was great looking at the e-learning framework.  Our school has over the past few years, made significant purchases in this area including smart boards, notebooks, projectors, more desktop computers and most recently I pads.  We have also been involved over the last 3 years in a local ICT cluster.  In our reflections and meetings, it has been evident that all of the staff have made shifts from where they started, some small, some much bigger.  We are however, all in different places, and while we have had our Principal and lead teacher ‘lead’ us through this professional development, it is not evident where we are so to speak.  To me in some places we are at the emerging stage and I think in some places we are still at the pre emerging stage

    What the e-learning framework and the webinar have made me think about how we can effectively use this in our school.  A good starting point would be where are we?  Using the framework in a staff meeting for small groups of teachers to reflect on would enable leaders to gauge where staff are at. These could then be addressed as appraisal goals for teachers and the next steps for the school, one of which might be developing a shared understanding of vocab and the dimensions we wish to work on so that everyone is all speaking the same language.

    The leadership team can then take this reflection back and with the BoT incorporate this into their charter and targets so that there is a movement from an added extra to learning to being a part of learning.  This has been the struggle in our school in the past, where teachers have seen ICT as something extra to teach, rather than enhancing learning.  Strong leadership  here I think is the key and ensuring that support is in place – as Jennifer noted in her comment if the learning curve is too steep for some teachers then the first little glitch will make everything go in the too hard pile!  Personally I know that my working memory can be short and although I can be shown things, when I go to actually put these in practice, there are things I can’t quite remember.  This is where that support is important.

    In our school I think it would be valuable for the staff in small groups to reflect on the teaching and learning and dimensions of the framework and the leadership team to reflect on the other dimensions.  This could result in developing appraisal goals for teachers and the development of inclusion in the charter and setting targets.  It will also enable recognition of where teachers are at and specific support for where they are at different stages of their development.

    Doing this in bite size chunks so it does not overwhelm teachers is important too, allowing robust and honest discussion without rushing the process.