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  • lsmith 24 Sep 2013 2:17pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    How can principals take an active role in their school’s strategic planning to use technologies as part of effective teaching and learning?

    I know this has been said before in lots of different ways, and I'm going to say it again... strategic planning at the leadership level needs to begin with a very sound understanding about what 'effective teaching and learning' is across the curriculum FIRST and then consider how technologies support this.  Focus first on effective practice, know it and understand it deeply and then explore the ways that technologies might contribute/enrich learning.  A savvy (strategic, pedagogically focussed) principal/leader will always focus on the only thing that matters:  What impact does this approach (or use of X technology) have for learners?  Strategic planning should include deliberate processes for on-going review in relation to this.

  • lsmith 03 Sep 2013 4:05pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Linda.  I absolutely agree with many of your points, but wanted to jump in and emphasise your point about Principals needing to keep reading online.  The connections I find in my little twitter feed are extraordinary.  I can't believe there are so many things I would be oblivious to if I didn't have this at my fingertips every day!

    In response to the key question above, I believe principals need to be looking at every aspect of their strategic planning and asking how technologies and elearning can be embedded further to benefit teaching and learning.  To be sure it is authentic, effective use of technologies I ask: could this enable learners to communicate, and/or collaborate, and/or create more/more effectively/more efficiently?

  • lsmith 20 May 2013 2:47pm () in Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

    Kia ora Karen,

    I have just read through the thread so far, was drafting my reply in my head as a read and thinking of the quote you have used from the BES above.  This piece of text is really significant for me. e-learning is not a standalone subject - it MUST be seamlessly embedded within, across and between all curriculum areas... and beyond.  When I say 'seamlessly embedded' I am meaning that it is so much a part of what we do around here that you hardly notice it at all.  So to the question: How might principals grow their capacity to lead the resourcing of e-learning?

    Principals need to grow their capacity to lead the resourcing of learning.  I can't wait until we drop the 'e'! Principals need to have an ever increasing knowledge of effective pedagogy and resource strategically in relation to this. 

    In response to the question you raise: How does a leader make sure that their e-learning resourcing plan (or any plan, for that matter) is driven by knowledge about effective pedagogy? Thoughts?

    Education professionals in NZ have access to many resources that provide guidance and support with effective pedagogy.  The BES series is excellent, the NZC is very clear about effective pedagogy, supporting documents in different curriculum areas (e.g. Effective Literacy Practice) also give clear messages, and let's not forget fantastic web sources such as the enabling elearning leadership community!

    I expect myself as a leader to 'walk the talk' and to BE a 21C learner.  We are after all 13 years into this century now!  Being a 21C learner means that I use ICTs and digital tools to do the '3 C's' - Communicate, Collaborate and Create.  I am continously challenged in the use of new tools or new ways to achieve new things, and I certainly don't get it all nailed straight away (or even want to in some cases!), but I am willing to have a go in both my professional and personal worlds.  This is my way of 'keeping it real' ... I think about what is happening in the 'real world' (the world our learners exisit in outside of school), what are the 'real world' demands and opportunities that are learners have, and then I can align strategic planning decisions with this, the vision, and what is believed about effective pedagogy... a little triangulation!

  • lsmith 29 Nov 2011 3:53pm () in Charging Solutions

    We have 36 iPads set up in 6 cooler bags for carrying.  We store them overnight in the same bag with the lid open, and connect the charge cords which sit connected to a power strip.  All 6 bags just get dropped into a big steel lockbox.  Works well for us. 

  • lsmith 17 Sep 2011 9:33pm () in App Sharing

    Loving all the tips on good apps here. Just wanted to share my find of the day- GoDocs - an app that supports google apps. It is brilliant!

    Access, read, and edit docs, access my reader list... It even let's me have more than one account accessible at any time so now I can have my school account and personal account on the go together.

    Loving it!