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  • Matthew Williams 21 Oct 2012 9:20pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    as an interemediate school, we run like a high school, so our students get a set ICT time - prior to this, all staff taught it.  It was an uphill battle to begin with, as four years ago the school had no server and nothing of worth for ICT...in fact the subject was the least favourite for all students!  We have had to undergo a massive overhaul of the schools ICT and now with interactive whitboards in rooms, our focus this year and next is the integration of ICT across all subjects, especially as we are trialling an inquiry model, very much like an IB school - so upskill staff and ensuring this is maintained throughout the year is a priority to add to our learning and teaching focus

  • Matthew Williams 21 Oct 2012 9:06pm () in Strategic Plan Examples

    very impressive visual  diagram...pretty much works well with your charter i'm sure...

    we had the issue four years ago where the school had nothing IT wise including infrastrcture.  THe lab was 30 computers that were way over 8 years old and all standalone...so i had to do a needs analysis and write a strategic plan based on needs analysis - what we need, why we need it and how can we get there.  Also having to make sure that the the decsions made were actually worthwhile and would not become an expensive mistake - which can easily be done by rushing into things.  We also had to ensure that our infrastructure, when installed, was future proofed ready for fibre!! all this with a $500,000 deficit to get out of.  Four years on and things are much brighter and we're now, finally at the integration of a sound ICT programme in school for 2013