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  • Robyn Wood 11 May 2015 10:00am () in Digital Dark Ages - keeping track of photos

    I'm not sure if I'm in the 'right' group to raise this or not.  I have just finished reading the article Are you keeping track of our school's data?  in the May issue of  INTERFACE.  Each year we used to keep a photographic record of the different events that occurred in our school on our intranet, however since we have moved to the cloud, we have dropped this practice and as a result have 'lost' several years worth of photographs.  Can anyone tell me how they are storing photos in their school so that come their next anniversary/jubilee they will have photos to use?

  • Robyn Wood 05 Sep 2014 8:28am () in Benefits of hosting email with Google

    Hi Johan

    We've been on gmail for the past year.  The biggest benefit we see is the ubiquity of using this service - i.e. you can access it from anywhere without having to go through a school server. Also it means that we no longer need a massive server - so is fiscally beneficial too.


  • Robyn Wood 03 Sep 2014 10:15pm () in Daily Notices

    Hi Kirsty

    We have been using it as part of our daily notices for a good year or more.  We have it set up in the simplest way possible  i.e. as a google doc shared amongst all the staff.  We also run our 'weeknotes' which is our business staff meeting using a similar system.  


  • Robyn Wood 01 Sep 2014 8:14pm () in Managing Chromebooks

    Brilliant - thanks Justine Smile

  • Robyn Wood 01 Sep 2014 3:11pm () in Managing Chromebooks

    Sorry to be bombarding this group with questions about Chromebooks, but is anyone able to tell me whether or not the Google Management module for managing chromebooks can be added retrospectively?  We are thinking of purchasing some without the management capability however we want to know if we decided we want this feature later on can we add it?  Thanks heaps

  • Robyn Wood 27 Aug 2014 9:18pm () in Chromebooks and Management of devices

    Hi Rob - really appreciate your insight and yes it does make sense Smile

  • Robyn Wood 27 Aug 2014 4:39pm () in Chromebooks and Management of devices

    Thanks Hamish - that is really helpful as we are only looking at purchasing 100. 

  • Robyn Wood 27 Aug 2014 11:16am () in Chromebooks and Management of devices


    We are looking to purchase some Chromebooks and have a question.  Is it worth purchasing the Google Apps Management Console Management?  If so what are the benefits?  Thanks heaps Smile

  • Robyn Wood 26 Aug 2014 12:37pm () in Chromebook Management and Meraki

    We are looking at purchasing 100x Chromebooks.  This is possibly a dumb question (but that's why I'm asking it)... can Chromebooks be managed through Meraki and if so is anyone using this and how have you found it?

    Thanks Smile

  • Robyn Wood 21 May 2014 1:38pm () in i Cloud and iPads - can't remove photos from an ipad

    Hi Andy and Belinda

    Thanks for your advice.  I have now emailed them - which is a perfect solution for what we are wanting to do.  I will contact N4L and check into the settings and will look into the photosync app.  Appreciate your help.

    Robyb Cool