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Terrianne Brady's discussion posts

  • Terrianne Brady 28 Oct 2012 9:21pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    I agree with you, Daniel - I believe it is about integration and innovation too.  I don't think we can simply sit our students in front of an online app/game/programme and call it ICT (as you allude to in your later post) and I think we are beyond preparing our students for the new technologies - they're already there!  We must be cognisant of our students mulitude of technological abilities and give them the opportunities to explore and extend these in relevant and useful learning experiences. 

    We are two years out of an ICT contract and in that time have continued to do all the neat things we learnt/developed during the course of the contract.  We have not, however, moved forward.  I am excited to explore the planning framework further next year when our ICT curriculum etc, is due for review and will be using this to guide the establishment of an ongoing programme of ICT development throughout the school.  As many others have posted - teacher buy-in and utilising each others strengths (even the students) is critical and this document provides the scope for extensive school-based innovation.  I need to know that investment in ICT is going to be reflected in classroom practice and supported by effective pedagogy so the teacher buy-in is a critical starting point for us.